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Grant team wins fair’s Ranch Rodeo event PDF Print E-mail

By Russ Pankonin
The Imperial Republican

Members of the Hendricks Cattle Company team from Grant walked away with the top prize money in the fair’s Ranch Rodeo event Tuesday, Aug. 13.
Team members included Taylor Hendricks, C.J. Pankonin, Darrin Sellers and Wade Hill.
The timed event consists of two different rounds designed to test the cattle-handling skills of the participants.
The early part of the competition was done during a light rain that eventually dropped about a quarter inch on the arena before stopping.
In the branding round, a team member must rope two specified calves in a small pen. After each calf is roped, the calf is pulled from the pen, tied and held while a branding is simulated.
The main event requires the penning of a steer, the head roping and trailering of another steer, and the heading and heeling of a cow. Time stops when the cow is on its side.
In the branding, teams have a three-minute time limit to complete their duties. They get five minutes in the main event.
The Hendricks Cattle Company team completed their branding in 1 minute, 44 seconds. They followed that by completing the main event in 1:50 for a total time of 3:34.
The 4 Amigos team turned in the second place time overall with a 2:00 in the branding and 2:18 in the main to finish with a 4:18.
Team members included Rafael Rodles, Franko Liborio, Lupe Gomez and Ivan Cazares.
Only three seconds separated the third and fourth place teams.
The S BAR S team edged the Krausnick Ranch team to finish in third with a time of 5:02 compared to the Krausnick Ranch time of 5:05.
Team members of S BAR S included Brock and Lana Stromberger, Darrell Webster and Chance Skomp.
Team members of Krausnick Ranch included Wayne Krausnick, Kelsey Wood, Tom Arterburn and Brandon Spickelmier.


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