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Imperial Valley Holiness Camp comes to a close PDF Print E-mail

By Christi Christner
The Wauneta Breeze

Everyone has seen that cluster of white buildings on the north side of Highway 6 while traveling east of Imperial.
For a good part of the year it is just an empty lot with a group of buildings that sit and collect dust; however for 10 days out of the year it is a place full of life and movement.
During those 10 days the Imperial Valley Holiness Camp (IVHC) is a nondenominational camp  where fellow Christians can go to learn, praise and worship together.
IVHC has been around for 102 years. What some might not know is that the camp has not always been located along Highway 6.
The camp originally met at Enders Lake in coves or along some of the beaches in tents.
The property on which the camp is now located is owned by Wesley Wheeler, who has been going to the camp since he was a kid.
The evangelist this year was Pastor Dan Stultz with his wife, Pearlyn Stultz. The Stultzes have been evangelizing for 10 years.
The couple is from Bedford, PA which is 20 hours from Imperial.     
The Stultzes had not heard about this camp until  they received a call from Miriam Hegwood, the secretary of the IVHC, asking if they would come for 10 days to hold over 20 services.
When asked if they enjoyed their time in Nebraska, Pastor Dan said, “Yes. It was good meeting new people and seeing lives change.”
The song evangelist this year was Terry Campbell along with wife Madelaine Campbell. They are from Falls City, and have been evangelizing for six years.                                                    
They also had never heard about the Imperial Valley Holiness Camp until receiving the call asking if they would come evangelize.
Terry Campbell ssid, “I have enjoyed camp here, especially the people and the spirit of the camp.”
The Imperial Valley Holiness Camp has been a lighthouse to many people for several years.
There are Bible studies for all ages. There is a kids’ program for children until they turn 12 and are then allowed to join the teen group.
For the teens there are Bible studies and activities for all to participate in.
In the past the youthshave gone to the lake on hot days to cool off and enjoy the sun. They have also gone out to Rod Wheeler’s house to ride his zip line  and to ride horses.  
At night the teens might stay up playing games like “capture the flag.”
There is usually a Bible study at night for the teens to talk about the things they had learned that day or to just ask questions.
For those who have gone  to camp before it always comes slowly but is over all to quickly.  
One of the teens said, “When camp is over, I always cry no matter how hard I try not to. Throughout the rest of the year I anticipate coming back not only to see my friends, but to learn more about Jesus Christ and be renewed in my faith.”
In the summer of 2014, the Imperial Valley Holiness Camp will start on July 17. All people are invited to come out anytime whether it is just for the noon or evening meal or if they would like to attend one of the services. It is always a good time to fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ, organizers say.


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