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By Carolyn Lee
The Imperial Republican

This time of year farmers are running their center pivots almost continuously, due to both the growing season and the lack of precipitation. This is also the time for drivers to watch for water on the roads.
Sometimes an end gun on a center pivot becomes errant, spraying water on the road, and needs adjusting.
That’s when a complaint is called in to the Chase County Sheriff’s office, and it shows up on the law enforcement report.
Sheriff Kevin Mueller said there aren’t an unusual number of complaints now. “It’s just kind of the norm. The systems are running pretty much 24/7 and the systems need adjusting.”
He said he gives farmers several chances to correct the system. First, his department calls the producer regarding the complaint. The second time his department makes personal contact with the farmer.
If there are additional problems, a citation is issued for water on the road, which requires a court appearance. No citations have been issued this year, Mueller said.
He noted that farmers don’t intentionally water roads and weeds.
However, there’s also a liability issue, Mueller stated. If a farmer has repeated offenses, and if someone drives through water on the road and has an accident, “liability becomes a concern.”


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