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Never let a good scandal go to waste, true or not PDF Print E-mail

By Russ Pankonin, The Imperial Republican
Last time in this column, you heard me express more misgivings about the dysfunctional Congress that we have elected to run this country.
In all my years as a voter in this great country, I have never witnessed a greater polarization between the Republicans and the Democrats as we have today.
Each party finds far more satisfaction in making the other look bad than they do in passing meaningful legislation to help bring this country out of recovery mode.
This week I saw another perfect example of just why people are so fed up with party politics in Washington.
Regardless of whether you favor or oppose ObamaCare (a majority of Americans oppose it), right now it’s the law of the land. Last week, President Obama said they would delay a rule requiring companies with 50 or more employees to tell the government if they are providing health care insurance to their employees for one year. Chalk one up for business.
However, that same exemption was not given to individuals. I find it interesting that all the sudden, it’s the Republicans who are all worried about individuals instead of big business.
Normally, that party would hail that the administration finally did something for the business owner and the Dems would whine that they didn’t do enough for the average citizen.
Now, the Republicans’ focus is criticizing the administration for not extending the deadline to individuals. Isn’t that the job of the “welfare” party?
I have to reflect back just several weeks ago when the conservatives were going to bury the Obama presidency because someone in the Internal Revenue Service had unfairly targeted Tea Party groups in gaining tax exempt status. People were talking that this could be Obama’s Watergate.
I find it amusing that when the news cycle died on the issue, the Repubs had already moved on to this issue, taking a contrarian view to make the issue work for them. Frankly, I’m sick of it from both parties.
Speaking of the IRS, when the scandal broke, it was all about an IRS under a Democratic administration who unfairly targeted Tea Party groups. But when the full report from the Inspector General’s office came out, it didn’t matter whether a group was conservative or liberal—they both fell under the scrutiny of the IRS on determining tax exempt status.
Despite what half of America thought, the report showed the Obama administration didn’t have anymore knowledge of what was going on in the Cincinnati IRS office than you or me. (Whether you believe that or not likely depends on your political affiliation.)
Once again, it’s amusing to see how quickly the story dropped off the radar once the facts were known. No Watergate here, so let’s move on.
On the other side, I’m ashamed to say it was the media (more often billed as the “liberal” media) who ran with the story even before the report was out. Reporters report facts. That’s Journalism 101. What happened here was a black eye on my profession.
But as long as there is political turf to seize, we still have plenty of D.C. politicians on both sides of the aisle who wouldn’t think twice about selling their mother if they thought there was something to gain. That’s why we’re in the mess we’re in.


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