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Wauneta team wins Logan Bauman Memorial PDF Print E-mail

By Russ Pankonin
The Imperial Republican

Matt Klima and Aaron Keiser of Wauneta combined to win the championship flight of the Logan Bauman Memorial golf tournament this past weekend.
The duo shot an 18-hole score of 62 at the Imperial Country Club Saturday. They backed that up with a 65 on the Enders Lake Golf Course Sunday for the two-day low total of 127.
The team of Tom and Lynn Luhrs of Imperial took second with rounds of 67-64 for a total of 131. The team of Tim Yokum and Daryl Francescoto of Cozad took third in the top flight with a 68-64 for a 132.
Three teams tied for first in the first flight, all with 145s. They included Alan Carman and Brian Carman, Jess Vapenik and Joe Humphrey, and John and Angie Paisley.
Jeff Pribbeno and Cheris Liedel won the second flight with a total of 156. Tom Ashmore and Sara Winslow took the third flight with a score of 171.
First time in Chase County
This marked the first time in the five-year history of the event that it was held in Chase County. In previous years, the tournament has been played in Parker, Colo.
The tournament is played as the sole fundraising event for the Logan Bauman Memorial Fund, a foundation started by his parents, Andy and Carla Bauman, after his untimely death in December, 2008 at the age of 14.
This year’s event stretched over two days with teams golfing in morning and afternoon flights at both courses both days.
The tournament filled to capacity with 72 teams. Each team played an 18-hole round at both Enders and Imperial, alternating courses each day.
Since the inception of the foundation five years ago, the Baumans have already donated $100,000 to youth sporting activities and school scholarships.
The full results of this year’s tournament is a follows.
Championship flight
1st, Matt Klima, Aaron Keiser, 62-65=127; 2nd, Tom Luhrs, Lynn Luhrs, 67-64=131; 3rd, Tim Yokum, Daryl Francescoto, 68-64=132. Other flight scores: Ronnie Liebhart, James Liebhart, 66-68=134; Jim Pirog, Scott Fieldler, 69-65=134; Kelly Clevenger, Eric McDaniels, 67-68=135; Kurt Johnson, Russ Pankonin, 68-69=137; Logan Mohr, John Rehrberg, 68-69=137; Lee Denker, Matt Borchers, 72-68=140; Brady Torpin, Michelle Spady, 72-68=140; Matt Jablonski, Joel Burke, 70-71=141; Joe Johnston, Harold Nordhausen, 72-69=141; Terry Martin, KC Martin, 73-69=142; Brad Spady, Doug Mitchell, 72-71=143; Bob Thomas, Kenny Owens, 72-71=143; Daryl Sharp, Dirk Haarberg, 72-72=144; Randy Fair, Felicia Fair, 71-73=144
First flight
1st (tie), Alan Carman, Brian Carman, 71-74=145; 1st (tie), Jess Vapenik, Joe Humphrey, 73-72=145; 1st (tie), John Paisley, Angie Paisley, 73-72=145. Other flight scores: Danny Russell, Theresa Russell, 75-71=146; Dan Fulton, Rex Grayner, 77-69=146;  Joe Weiss, Jeanie Weiss, 77-70=147; Matt Teply, Lindsey Teply, 76-72=148; Dave Battilega, Katie Battilega, 72-78=150; Gary Bragg, Randy McDonald, 73-78=151;  Larry Cammerlohr, Miranda Cammerlohr, 78-74=152; Alex McNair, Chad Leibbrandt, 77-75=152;  Johnny Miller, Roxane Miller, 75-78=153; Steve Gokie, Mark Spady, 80-74=154; Tanner Teply, Ben Brophy, 76-78=154;  Scott Parker, Rory Jens, 75-80=155; Pat Bloomfield, Sean Bloomfield, 77-78=155; Ian Duden, Drew Stephon, 78-77=155; Tracy Haarberg, Sid Haarberg, 76-79=155
Second flight
1st, Cheris Liedel, Jeff Pribbeno, 79-77=156; 2nd, Adrian Shopp, Angie Shopp, 85-73=158; 3rd, Eron Kitt, Tom Weiss, 80-79=159. Other flight scores: P J Pajerski, Jerry Pajerski, 83-78=161; Larry Schilke, Dave Schilke, 83-79=162;  Cody Warden, Rick Robertson, 78-85=163; Dave Parker, Jeremy Mathews, 79-85=164; Doug Smith, Kim Smith, 75-89=164; Doug Pribbeno, Nate Pribbeno, 83-81=164; Tom Pribbeno, Matt Pribbeno, 84-83=167; Alec Spady, Jeff Banks, 88-80=168; Michael Swanson, C J Swanson, 81-87=168; Luke Tyerman, Allison Tyerman, 86-82=168; Mitch Tweedy, Jocelyn Brooks, 87-82=169; Dan Terryberry, Vanessa Terryberry, 86-83=169; Chad Yaw, Dusty Claus, 88-82=170; Brent Bussell, Lori Sis, 86-84=170
Third flight
1st, Tom Ashmore, Sara Winslow, 84-87=171; 2nd (tie), Jerry Bauman, Chuck Adams, 87-86=173- 2nd (tie), Jay Shockley, Ashley Shockley, 87-86=173. Other flight scores: Mitchell Pieper, Matt Mishler, 81-93=174; Henri Duhot, Laura Duhot, 91-84=175; Tyler Pribbeno, Beth Bremer, 92-84=176; Jim Sorge, Sue Sorge, 93-83=176; Amy Bloomfield, Nancy Bloomfield, 88-89=177; Scott Wallace, Chris Lee, 88-90=178; Katie Davis, Cory Renon, 89-91=180; Mike Jaeger, Jimmy Norvelle, 87-93=180; Brian Strand, Adam Vlasin, 87-95=182; Jeff Payne, Susan Payne, 91-91=182; Mike Pribbeno, Jana Pribbeno, 97-86=183; Zach Miller, John Skoglund, 96-89=185; Brett Harmon, Jakob Burke, 99-94=193; Orville Green, Pam Green, 103-107=210; Steve Nemeth, Bryce Nemeth, 83-WD=WD; Colin Wetovick, Nate Bubak, 80-WD=WD; Conor Young, Alyson Young, 87-WD=WD


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