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Good deed goes noticed PDF Print E-mail

By Carolyn Lee
The Imperial Republican

You’ve all read the stories where the good deed of one person toward another leads to the second person performing a good deed also. It’s called “Pay It Forward.”
Ashli Maris of Imperial realized recently how good it feels to perform a good deed. And, she just received more warm feelings from the original deed.
Maris was in the McCook Walmart May 10, standing in line at the checkout.
In front of her was a man, and in front of him was an elderly woman with too many items in her cart and not enough money to pay for them all.
The woman used what was evidently her last check, then started searching for her billfold. It wasn’t in her purse.
So, she began emptying pill bottles of change, and asked the Walmart employee how much each item was remaining in her cart. She added change to the counter until she ran out of it.
Still left in her cart were a package of flour tortillas, carrots, French bread and Kleenex.
“The guy in front of me got all grumbly and impatient,” Maris said. “People are so impatient in this world anymore.”
So, she told the elderly woman that she’d pay for the four items, for a total of $6.11. After some discussion, the payment was accepted.
The woman, who was from Atwood, Kan. and takes care of her 90-year-old-plus mother,  asked Maris her name and where she lived. They parted.
Maris felt good about helping someone. “We’re always getting, getting, getting and it doesn’t feel as good as giving,” she stated.
But the impatient man told her, “Who forgets their wallet? She just used you.”
Just a few days ago Maris received a long note in the mail from the Atwood woman, with  $10 enclosed. The woman had traced Maris by internet, and thanked her for her “time, trouble and most of all your kindness” in helping her pay for her groceries.
“It was such an interesting experience,” Maris said. “It made my day when I did it for her. I didn’t want to be paid back by any means.”
And, “I wish I could find that grouchy old fart and tell him” the end of the story, she laughed.