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Full scale of IRS scandal yet to be seen PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz, The Imperial Republican News Editor

I’m predicting we’ve only seen the beginning of what will become a full-blown scandal the Obama Administration will be dealing with in the coming months.
You must have had your head in the sand if you haven’t heard about the targeting of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
The scandal heated up Tuesday this week when representatives of several organizations testified before the House Ways and Means Committee on their personal dealings with the IRS in seeking the tax-exempt status.
No one is saying a group seeking tax-exempt status shouldn’t be looked at and be required to fill out what is a lengthy application.
The problem here is that evidence is showing that ONLY conservative groups, those with “tea party,” “patriot,” “pro-life” and even “9/11” in their titles, as examples, were being harassed in the process.
For some, the questions and follow-up requests from the IRS have lasted over three years, and still no approval of their tax exemption.
According to the testifiers on Tuesday, here’s what some of the information the IRS wanted—
The political parties of all speakers they hosted;    
What type of business people working with their group were in;
Any communications with legislators;
Any arrests by members of their group, or surprisingly, according to one testifier, how their members might have tried to avoid arrest.
Seems a bit chilling to me.
What’s even more disconcerting is the fact that then-IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman visited the Obama White House 157 times from September 2009 to January 2013.
That’s twice as many times an any of Obama’s cabinet members visited the White House!
Who so many meetings, and what were they talking about?
Makes one wonder.
President Obama himself claims to have had no knowledge of this targeting of conservative groups for way more than normal scrutiny. He’s even come out and condemned the actions.
However, it seems “not knowing” is the answer to a lot these days from Pennsylvania Avenue.
We all have a responsibility to stand up for our Constitutional rights to gather, join groups and express our opinions.