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Imperial defies norm, exceeds Bloodmobile goal PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

Imperial area blood donors came out in strong numbers last Thursday, as 84 good units of blood were received, seven above the goal.
Local coordinator Liz Mollendor said 89 people came in to give blood at the Imperial Bible Church during the 12 noon to 6 p.m. schedule. There were five deferrals, so a total of 84 usable units were collected.
Among the group were five first-time donors, she noted. Ten of the donors also gave double red count units.
Red Cross officials from North Platte said Imperial always comes through in blood drives and usually meets its goals.
Kathy Carman, donor rep for the Red Cross, wasn’t too terribly surprised to see Imperial exceed the goal of 77 units last week, even with the busy summer season here. She said Imperial continues to be a strong donor community.
Next Bloodmobile on the schedule in Imperial will be Monday, July 29, and will be set up at St. Patrick’s Parish Hall at 740 Broadway.
The larger space at the St. Pat’s Hall will allow for more donor beds so a goal of 110 has been set for that Bloodmobile, for which CCS senior Blair Hartman will be coordinator.
Hartman said younger donors will be a big target for the July Bloodmobile, hoping for at least 30 percent of the donations to come from 16 to 24-year-olds. However, she emphasized all donors will be welcome.
For her work as summer coordinator and during the school year, Hartman will receive a scholarship when she graduates in 2014. She also serves on the CCS blood drive team, which will organize three other Bloodmobiles next year in November, January and March.
Here are the donors who came in to donate at the May 30 Bloodmobile.
May 30 blood donors—Nathan Holman, Charles Holman, Jean Brandt, Larry Radcliffe, Steve Terryberry, Roxane Miller, John W. Miller, Mary Wilson, Tim Greene, Jacqueline Greene, Jacquie Grams, Mary Lou Hegwood, Gary Woods, Anna Bauerle, Jed Stamm, Cathryn Hanna, Burnetta Ahrens, Robert Ahrens, Myron Kirwan, Marie Sieperda, Marcia Rider, Patrick DeLack, Laura Gaschler, Bob Bartels, Faith Cook, Bernard Nelson, Charlotte Wallin, Keri Ohlson, Rex Felker, Stanley Hofman, Trudy Beemer, Lynn Luhrs, Kelli Tjaden, Diane Bischoff, Bob Holman, Jennifer Smith, David Mollendor, Cheryl Bryan, Brian Burpo, Joyce Terryberry, Rich Norman, Jan Widger, Phyllis Mock, Audra Manley, Emilee Fish, Stanley Cross, Janelle Cross, Janie Mullanix, Kristi Bernhardt, Joy Smith, Dirk Greene, Deb Hrcka, Clint Beiermann, Ashlin Bussell, Barb Maddux, Marilyn Hust, Gaby Cazades, Olga Dominguez, Rickie Prather, Susan Knobbe, Rod Prather, Trent Herbert, Kara Horton, Kathy Cook, Francisca Morales, Dan Mullanix, Mark Berry, Doreen Mohr, Dan Leibhart, Korey Krutsinger, Greg Hayes, Mitch Stretsky, Lori Beard, Penny Strand, Molly Strand, Norma Dannatt, Ray Malleck, Denise Gibb, Jordan Gibb, Idonna Elder, Jan Schultz, Doug Gaswick.