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By Russ Pankonin
The Imperial Republican

Weather recorders in the Upper Republican Natural Resource District got to record some significant rain from a period that began Thursday, May 16, and continued through Sunday, May 19.
In Chase County, Champion recorded the most rain with 3.3 inches recorded there. Four miles south-southeast of Champion, a recorder reported 2.94 inches.
The rain west of Champion wasn’t quite as plentiful. The recorder eight miles west of Champion reported 1.34 inches, which was the lowest total reported for the county.
A recorder near Imperial reported that 2.27 inches fell at that location.
Cory Schuller, official weather recorder for Imperial, measured 2.44 inches of rain during the four-day stretch.
Perkins, Dundy Counties
Much of Perkins County enjoyed at least two inches or more of rain during the event.
A recorder 8.6 miles north- northeast of Grant reported the highest total with 3.14 inches.
The low was recorded in the far northwest corner of Perkins County at 1.42 inches.
That total almost matched the highest rainfall recorded in Dundy County.
The highest total was 1.52 inches recorded 16 miles north of Parks.
Areas around Benkelman and Max received the least amount of rain with less than an inch recorded throughout the event.
The U.S. Drought Monitor for Nebraska indicates a portion of western Dundy County, about half of Chase County and much of Perkins County are classified as “exceptional drought” areas.
An updates version of the map will be released today (Thursday). It can be found on the web at:,HP .
Weather recorders throughout Nebraska report rainfall for the Nebraska Rainfall Assessment and Information Network (NeRAIN). The network is run as part of the operations of the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources.
Data collected through the network can be viewed on the web at: .    
Data collected by Upper Republican reporters is shown below.
Location (miles from, direction)    Total
Chase County
Champion, 0.0 WNW    3.30
Champion, 3.7 SSE    2.94
Imperial, 11.5 N    2.37
Enders, 4.0 NE    2.31
Imperial, 0.1 SW    2.27
Wauneta, 16.6 NNW    2.20
Champion, 5.6 SSW    2.19
Haigler, 25.5 NNE    1.98
Enders, 3.0 W    1.82
Champion, 2.6 SW    1.67
Imperial, 7.6 S    1.63
Enders, 1.0 NNW    1.56
Lamar, 3.4 S    1.54
Wauneta, 6.1 W    1.51
Champion, 8.3 W    1.34
Dundy County
Parks, 16.4 N    1.52
Wauneta, 6.5 S    1.51
Haigler, 9.5 NNE    1.24
Wauneta, 5.8 S    1.18
Parks, 6.0 NW    0.89
Max, 4.4 NNE    0.66
Benkelman, 4.9 NW    0.49
Max, 4.6 WNW    0.44
Perkins County
Grant, 8.6 NNE    3.14
Elsie, 9.2 NNW    3.00
Elsie, 9.7 SSE    2.96
Grant, 3.2 N    2.84
Wallace, 8.7 WSW    2.74
Grant, 2.5 S    2.60
Grant, 0.2 N    2.60
Elsie, 3.5 SSW    2.53
Madrid, 6.6 NW    2.46
Grant, 1.7 ESE    2.35
Grant, 4.1 ENE    2.26
Madrid, 7.8 SW    2.21
Elsie, 3.9 NE    2.14
Big Springs, 7.6 S    1.42