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A bunch of juice and a little imagination PDF Print E-mail

By Carolyn Lee
The Imperial Republican

Suzy Kasselman, who graduated from Chase County Schools two weekends ago, has a big thirst for juice. So big, that she drinks a juice box every day.
Instead of throwing the boxes away, Kasselman decided to make something out of them. Because of her last name, she chose a castle.
“It’s taken a year of collecting boxes to get the right amount,” she said. It also took over 600 boxes, 20 tubes of liquid nail and a month to construct the castle, which she presented to Lisa Krutsinger’s kindergarten class.
“I chose to give my castle to the kindergartners because I feel kids nowadays are too much into technology. When I was little I would create and imagine things that have helped me solve problems today,” she stated.
Kasselman said of the three-dimentional castle, “Kids need a box to imagine in, to be princesses and knights, to blast off to the moon.”
She hopes her castle will spark kids’ imaginations.