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Students highlighted for academic achievements PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

Success and hard work in the classroom came to fruition May 8 when students in grades 7-12 at CCS were recognized at the Honors Program.
After a welcome from 7-12 Principal Mike Sorensen, several teachers presented awards.
Sorensen announced some of the top awards presented of grades 7-12 students.
Three seniors who were the class valedictorians and salutatorian earned the I Dare You Award from Principal Sorensen.
The I Dare You Award was first offered in 1941 when businessman William H. Danforth dared young people to achieve their highest potential and to influence others through leadership and service.
Spencer Hartman, Bethany Sorensen and Abby Polly received a copy of Danforth’s book, “I Dare You.”
Each year the SPVA Conference holds an Academic Team Competition. Each SPVA school submits its top five ACT scores earned by seniors. The scores are then averaged with a team winner.
Chase County won that top award for the third year in a row.
Abby Polly and Maddison Vaverek were among the top 10 ACT score achievers in the six SPVA schools.
The President’s Award for Educational Excellence went to high school students Justin German, Spencer Hartman, Mason Holmes, Callin Ledall, Abby Polly and Maddison Vaverek.
High school students earning this award had a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher and ranked in the top 85th percentile nationally for the ACT.
Gold and Silver Awards are given to eighth grade students. To earn Gold, students must score in the 85th percentile or above on their math or reading composite on the standardized achievement tests, and have a 90% average in the classroom. Silver is earned when the eighth grader scores in the 75-84th percentile on the same tests and must also have a 90% average in the classroom.
Listed below on the junior high students earning Gold and Silver.
Junior High Gold, Silver
Sarah Allen—Gold in Reading, Silver in Math.
Abby Almanza—Gold in Reading.
Carmen Brdar—Gold in Reading and Math.
Colton Burpo—Gold in Math and Silver in Reading.
Jadin Bussell—Gold in Reading and Silver in Math.
Kelly Christensen—Gold in Reading and Silver in Math.
Bryson Fisher—Gold in Math and Silver in Reading.
Cade Francis—Silver in Math.
Shaylee Heathers—Gold in Math.
Alexis Jensen—Silver in Math.
Andy Lane—Gold in Reading and Math.
Molly Luhrs—Gold in Reading and Math.
Kaylee Meeske—Silver in Reading and Math.
Bridget Odens—Silver in Math.
Josie Peterson—Gold in Reading and Silver in Math.
Annie Polly—Gold in Reading and Math.
Nolan Spady—Gold in Math.
Rose Sullivan—Gold in Reading and Math.
Dakota Wallin—Gold in Math and Silver in Reading.
Journalism, English awards
given by Renae Bottom

Outstanding Leadership: Journalism—Vanessa Chaparro.
Outstanding Achievement: Creative Writing—Bethany Sorensen, Sandra Jones.
Outstanding English III Student—Korey Krutsinger.
Outstanding English IV Student—Bethany Sorensen.
Jr. High English awards
given by Jill Bauerle

All As three of four quarters —Hayley Vitosh, Kaley Hauxwell.
All As four quarters—Jack Bauerle, Ryelee Christensen, Jace Clevenger, Caine Haarberg, Kayla Schilke, Ansley Wood.
Outstanding 7th grade English student—Ansley Wood.
Speech/Drama awards
given by Jill Bauerle

SPVA all conf. cast—Anna Bauerle, Tapainga Kahle.
SPVA all conf. Outstanding Actress—Emma Bauerle.
District acting awards—Jake Lueth, Emma Bauerle, Makenna Wallin.
Top speech point earners—Anna Bauerle, first, 93 points; Emma Bauerle, second, 83; tied for third MaKenna Ketter, Tapainga Kahle and Andrea Hogsett, all 51 points.
Outstanding speech student—Maddison Vaverek.
Science awards
given by Kim Wilson

All As in Chemistry—Brian Burpo, Cassie Burpo, Sam Haarberg, Korey Krutsinger.
All As in Physical Science—Michael Musgrove, Carlos Chavez.
Robotics Awards—Suzy Kasselman, Brady Gittlein.
Power Drive Awards—Cody Cochran, Jordan Gibb, Callin Ledall.
Science Fair Regional State Qualifiers—2nd place, Suzy Kasselman; 3rd place, Kymberli Rowley; 3rd place, Indy Smith; 4th place, Valeria Cervantes.
Science Olympiad—1st place in Forensics, Justin German, Mason Holmes; 2nd place in Disease Detectives, Justin German and Brian Burpo. Others competing Suzy Kasselman, Cody Cochran, Callin Ledall.
Art Awards
given by Chelsea Zuege

Outstanding Achievement in Art I—Annika Swanson, Hunter Dillan, Kristina Pflum.
Outstanding Achievement in Art II—Valeria Cervantes, Emma Mollendor, Celeste Juarez, Claire Kuenne, Mitsy Cardoso, Adolfo Ramirez.
Outstanding Achievement in Art III—Bridget Langin, Andrea Hogsett, Abby Lopez.
Art IV Senior Awards—Jordan Gibb, Ethan Haarberg, Sabrina Hayes, Shandra Johnson, Sandra Jones, Suzy Kasselman, Michael May, Emily Owens, Abby Polly, Taylor Sims Wheeler, Bethany Sorensen, Michaela Space, Brett Tropf, Maddison Vaverek.
High School Quiz Bowl
given by Chelsea Zuege

Academic Quiz Bowl Team Members—Sabrina Hayes, Suzy Kasselman, Michaela Space, Garret Thompson, Lexi Howard, Brittany Peters, Makayla DaMoude, Calen Griffin, Michael Musgrove.
Junior High I Awards
announced by A.D. Troy Hauxwell

Jade Allen—Volleyball, Basketball, Track.
Sarah Allen—Volleyball, Basketball, Track.
Abigail Almanza—Volleyball.
Trey Bahler—Football, Basketball, Track, Wrestling.
Kassidy Barrett—Volleyball.
Francisco Barrientos—Basketball.
Hunter Bartels—Football, Basketball, Track.
Jack Bauerle—Football, Basketball, Track, Wrestling.
Brittanie Benge—Volleyball, Basketball, Track.
Nicole Brown-Cravey—Volleyball, Basketball, Track.
Adam Burpo—Football, Basketball, Track.
Colton Burpo—Football, Wrestling, Track.
Jadin Bussell—Volleyball, Basketball, Track.
Jesus Caballero—Football.
Dawn Castle—Volleyball, Basketball, Track.
Jorge Cervantes—Football, Basketball, Track, Wrestling.
Clarissa Chapparo—Volleyball.
Kelly Christensen—Volleyball, Track.
Ryelee Christensen—Volleyball, Basketball, Track.
Jace Clevenger—Football, Basketball, Track.
Kassidy Cochran—Football, Basketball, Track.
Joel DaMoude—Basketball, Track.
Jasmine Dannar—Volleyball, Track.
Spencer Denbo—Track.
Madison Elliott—Volleyball, Basketball, Track.
Megan Engbrecht—Volleyball, Basketball, Track.
Emma Ferguson—Volleyball, Track.
Peyton Fiedler—Volleyball, Basketball, Track.
Bryson Fisher—Football, Basketball, Track, Wrestling.
Cade Francis—Football, Basketball, Track.
Abigail Frias—Volleyball.
Brady Gittlein—Football, Wrestling.
Lauren Gockley—Volleyball, Basketball, Track.
Noah Griffin—Football, Basketball, Track.
Caine Haarberg—Football, Basketball, Track, Wrestling.
Kaley Hauxwell—Volleyball, Basketball, Track.
Shaylee Heathers—Volleyball, Basketball, Track.
Trace Helser—Basketball, Track.
Manuel Hinojosa—Football, Wrest­ling.
Aaron Hinojosa—Football, Wrestling, Track.
Whitney Hopp—Volleyball, Basketball, Track.
Alexis Jensen—Volleyball, Basketball, Track.
Stevie Johnson—Volleyball, Track.
William Kuenne—Football, Basketball, Track.
Andrew Lane—Football, Wrestling.
Molly Luhrs—Volleyball, Basketball, Track.
Jesus Marquez—Track.
Vianey Marquez—Volleyball, Track.
Mike Martinez—Track.
Isaac Maxwell—Basketball, Track.
Tagan Mays­—Basketball, Track.
Roper McBride—Football, Basketball, Track.
Taylin McNair—Volleyball, Basketball, Track.
Jose Medrano—Football, Basketball, Wrestling.
Kaylee Meeske—Volleyball, Basketball, Track.
Kadyn Milner—Volleyball, Basketball, Track.
Caitlyn Murillo—Volleyball, Track.
Mikaela O’Brien—Volleyball, Basketball, Track.
Bridgette Odens—Volleyball, Basketball, Track.
Paulina Orozco—Volleyball.
Josie Peterson—Volleyball, Basketball, Track.
Annie Polly—Volleyball, Track.
Lauren Prior—Volleyball, Track.
Jaime Quezada—Basketball.
Tyler Raasch—Football.
Destiny Reinke—Volleyball, Basketball, Track.
Blake Schilke—Football, Basketball, Track.
Kayla Schilke—Volleyball, Basketball, Track.
Brittany Simeon—Track.
Zachary Space—Football, Basketball, Track, Wrestling.
Nolan Spady—Football, Basketball, Track.
Cydney Spady—Volleyball.
Amber Stumpf—Volleyball, Track.
Rose Sullivan—Volleyball, Basketball, Track.
Garrett Taylor—Football, Basketball, Track.
Alexandra Valenzuela—Basketball, Track.
Juan Venegas—Track.
Sydney Vetter—Volleyball, Basketball, Track.
Hayley Vitosh—Volleyball, Basketball, Track.
Dakota Wallin—Football, Basketball, Track.
Caleb Weiss—Football, Basketball, Track, Wrestling.
Katelyn Wheeler—Volleyball, Basketball, Track.
Ansley Wood—Volleyball, Basketball, Track.
Bryce Zuege—Football, Basketball, Track.
Junior High Quiz Bowl
given by Virginia Harford

1st place at ESU event—Andy Lane, Josie Peterson, Rose Sullivan, Abby Almanza, Dawn Castle, Vianey Marquez, Kelly Christensen, Annie Polly.
given by Agnes Strand

John Philip Sousa Award (given to the student who puts in tons of effort and has good success through the year . . . and a great attitude!)—Jessica Hartman.
Louis Armstrong Jazz Award (given to the student who excels in jazz through hard work, perseverance and a positive attitude)—Kelton Fisher.
Director’s Award (given to that student who not only excels in every area of band but who also encourages others to do likewise. This student often stands in for the director in sectionals, lessons, warmups, etc.)—Anna Bauerle.
Spanish Awards
given by Beth Larson

Espiritu de Espanol Awards—Mallory Coleman, Korey Krutsinger, Rachelle Carmin.
Family, Consumer Science
given by Cathy Hanna

Parenting—Maddison Vaverek.
Child Development—Sabrina Hayes.
Food and Nutrition—Mitsy Cardoso, MaKenna Ketter.
Housing and also in Clothing and Fashion—Abby Polly.
Life On Your Own—Taylor Sims, Vanessa Chaparro.
Pro Start—Makayla DaMoude.
Student Council
given by Trent Herbert

Certificates—Justin German, President; Mason Holmes, Vice President; Spencer Hartman, Secretary; Anna Bauerle, Treasurer; Jordan Gibb, Senior Representative; Hunter Spady, Senior Representative; Ally Vrbas, Junior Representative; Korey Krutsinger, Junior Representative; Emma Bauerle, Sophomore Representative; Jeff Dickey, Sophomore Representative; Cheyanne Kuhlmann, Freshman Representative; Kymberli Rowley, Freshman Representative.
Junior High Citizenship
Alexis Jensen and Garrett Taylor.
Junior High Scholarship
Colton Burpo, Ryelee Christensen, Bryson Fisher, Shaylee Heathers, Alexis Jensen, Molly Luhrs, Josie Peterson, Nolan Spady, Rose Sullivan.
Junior High Achievement
Hunter Bartels, Tagan Mays, Caitlyn Murillo, Andrea Rodriguez, Garrett Taylor, Abby Almanza, Jasmine Dannar, Carmen Brdar, Zac Space, Brittanie Benge, Alexis Jensen, Ike Maxwell, Taylin McNair, Kadyn Milner, Alex Valenzuela, Bryce Zuege, Amber Stumpf, Ansley Wood, Kaylee Hauxwell, Payton Fiedler, Lauren Gockley, Brady Gettlein, Lauren Pryor, Kayla Schilke, Hayley Vitosh, Will Kuenne, Jose Medrano, Abigail Frias, Jade Allen, Eli Hinojosa, Rylee Christensen.