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Terrorism in Boston will not daunt America PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz, The Imperial Republican News Editor

Once again, our country has been shaken by a terrorist attack.
Two bombs went off at the Boston Marathon Monday, killing three and injuring more than 170 others.
The Boston Marathon surrounds itself with celebration as runners successfully finish one of the most grueling 26.2 mile courses in the U.S. What an accomplishment it must be to finish this marathon in one of America’s most historic cities.
But in a matter of seconds, that aura of celebration turned frantic as the bombs hidden in sport bags or backpacks went off near the finish line.
Those who committed this crime are cowards. This is a country where people discuss their differences and most try to change things they believe to be wrong through a legal, political process.
These criminals cannot understand, or for that matter—even  try to—understand what this country represents: freedom, tolerance and patriotism.
Their cheap attempt to put a damper on one of America’s most storied traditions—the Boston Marathon—will hit us hard for awhile.
But, terrorism that targets us will not achieve its purpose—to make us cower and always be fearful to be who we are and celebrate our freedoms, like competing in marathons.
That’s not who we are. Just as this country pulled together after 9/11, it will do the same after Monday’s terrorist attack.
We will continue to celebrate all that makes America what it is, and we won’t allow terrorism to win.
We didn’t before, and we won’t again.
Our federal investigators will also be taking the same direction as they did after 9/11, and will work long and hard on finding the criminals, no matter where it takes them.
It’s important to remember, too, that this world has many more good people than bad.
Many of those good people were running the Boston Marathon Monday or shouting out their support as spectators along the route.
We are with you, Boston. We will get through this as Americans always do.