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January, February busy for FFA PDF Print E-mail

The Imperial FFA Chapter has qualified eight teams, six proficiencies and 35 individual FFA members for the 2013 State FFA Convention in April in Lincoln.
During the past two months the students filled out Proficiency Award applications, applied for State Degrees and practiced for District Career Development Event (CDE) contests.
“I can confidently say that many of our FFA members probably see myself and Mr. Speck more than they see their parents during these two months,” Sponsor Jeremy Vlasin said.
The Imperial FFA Chapter submitted 18 proficiency applications at the district level. Of those, 13 qualified to go to the state level and nine were selected as district champion proficiency applications.
Last weekend the 13 were judged on the state level and six applications were selected as the top three in the state.
Those were: Michaela Ketter, Turf Grass Management; Jordan Gibb, Ag Mechanics Design and Fabrication; Derek Schilke, Emerging Ag Technology; Callin Ledall, Turf Grass Management; Jared Knobbe, Ag Services, and Steven Fish, Diversified Crop Production.
Proficiency applications are about 15 pages long, highlighting an FFA member’s Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE). There are 51 different proficiency areas.
In the application the students must identify how they started their SAE, what goals they have, marketing strategy and more. Members can apply for proficiency awards from their sophomore year of high school through their freshman year of college.
District CDE
District CDE contests were held at the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture in Curtis Feb. 6 and 20.
The Feb. 6 contest included Agriscience, Floriculture, Farm Business Management, Ag Communications, Agronomy, Ag Mechanics and Ag Sales.
Teams qualifying for state included the District Champion Ag Sales Team of Callin Ledall, Blair Hartman, Jessica Hartman and Andrea Hogsett, with Ledall as individual District Champion; the District Runner-Up Agriscience team of Eric Chavira, Jared Sharp, Regan Gittlein and Caleb Bubak; the District Runner-Up Farm Business Management Team of Spencer Hartman, Cassie Burpo, Bailey Springer and Mindy Castle with Hartman as individual District Champion; and the District Champion Ag Mechanics team of Derek Schilke, Liz Tomky, Hunter Spady and Sam Haarberg.
The second round of the CDE contest on Feb. 20 included Welding, Nursery and Landscaping, Envirothon, Food Science, Livestock Management and Meats Evalulation.
Teams qualifying for state competition were the District Runner-Up Food Science team of Mindy Castle, MaKenna Ketter, Jessica Hartman and Claire Kuenne; the District Runner-Up Livestock Management team of Darin Knobbe, Emily Johnston, Shandra Johnson, Abbi Vetter, Jordyn Doetker and Bailey Springer.
“It is a lot of work and a lot of hours but like many things in life, you get out of it what you put into it. To say Imperial FFA members had a successful February might just be an understatement,” Vlasin commented.
Below are listed the competing teams, placings and individual ribbons:
Feb. 6

  • District Champion team—Purple—Ag Sales—Callin Ledall, 1st Purple; Jessica Hartman, 5th Purple; Blair Hartman, Blue; Andrea Hogsett, Red.
  • District Runner-up teams—Blue—Farm Business Management—Spencer Hartman, 1st Purple; Cassie Burpo, 5th Blue; Mindy Castle, Red; Bailey Springer. Ag Mechanics—Liz Tomky, 3rd Blue; Derek Schilke, Red; Hunter Spady, White; Tyler Oxford. Agriscience­—Regan Gittlein, Blue; Caleb Bubak, Blue; Eric Chavira, Red; Jared Sharp.
  • 4th Place team—White—Ag Sales—Sam Haarberg, Blue; Darin Knobbe, White; Liz Tomky, White; Jordyn Doetker.
  • Other teams—Agronomy—Sam Haarberg, Red; Mallory Coleman, Derek Schilke, Tyler Oxford.

Feb. 20

  • District Champion Team—Envirothon—Spencer Hartman, Mason Holmes, Justin German, Jordan Gibb, Callin Ledall.
  • District Runner-up Teams—Blue—Food Science—Mindy Castle, 1st Purple; Jessica Hartman, 4th Purple; MaKenna Ketter, Blue; Claire Kuenne, Blue; Blair Hartman, Red; Ashlin Bussell, Shaylee Dorn. Livestock Management—Darin Knobbe, Emily Johnston, Shandra Johnson, Abbi Vetter, Jordyn Doetker, Bailey Springer.
  • 3rd Place Team—Blue—Meats—Hunter Dillan, Blue; Caleb Bubak, Blue; Jared Sharp, White; Mason Meeske.
  • Other Teams—Livestock Management—7th place—Jordan Gibb, Makala Bartels, Kaycee Bubak, Kelsey Wood, Liz Tomky, Kevin Chavira. Meats—White—Regan Gittlein, Blue; Eric Chavira, White; Joe Tomky, Kevin Chavira. Welding—Hunter Spady, Callin Ledall, Liz Tomky, Sam Haarberg, Kelsey Wood.