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Illness draws down donor numbers PDF Print E-mail

By Carolyn Lee
The Imperial Republican

Neither American Red Cross Bloodmobile in Imperial last week reached its goal. Organizers pointed to influenza and illness as the cause of the low number of donors.
The bloodmobile at Chase County Schools (CCS) Jan. 24 had a goal of 70 units. A total of 63 units, with five of those being double red, were accepted. Seven units were deferred and four weren’t full enough, according to nurse Angie Paisley.
“I was happy with that (number) because we had cancellations that morning due to sickness,” she commented.
There were four first-time donors at the bloodmobile, she added.
The next school-sponsored bloodmobile will be March 21. If CCS holds four bloodmobiles during the year, the American Red Cross funds two scholarships for graduating seniors.
The bloodmobile held at Zion Lutheran Church Jan. 25 had a goal of 55 units, with 47 units accepted. Organizer Karen Hayes said there were 14 double red cell units among those, with three deferrals.
“Illness was definitely a factor,” she stated.
Blood donated by donors goes through a manufacturing process and is then transfused to patients in need. Very rarely is whole blood transfused.
Red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body. They are most often transfused to patients who have lost blood because of a trauma or surgery. Red cells are collected through whole blood and automated double red cell donations.
Plasma is the liquid portion of the blood that has several duties, including helping to maintain blood pressure and supplying critical proteins for blood clotting. A plasma transfusion is most often used to treat bleeding disorders. Plasma is collected through whole blood donation and an automated process called peresis.
Platelets are the cells responsible for clotting. Platelets are given to patients when their blood does not clot properly due to a disease or chemotherapy. Platelets are primarily collected through an automated process called an apheresis platelet donation.
The following were donors at the Jan. 25 bloodmobile:
Donors—Bob Holman, Marla Hamilton, Tom Hayes, Robert Bartels, Richard Bartels, Vickie Beard, Dona June Ekart, Doreen Mohr, Earl G. Loop, Eldon R. Kuntzelman, Larry Radcliffe, Bob Ahrens, Burnetta Ahrens, Kathy Cook, Myron E. Kirwan, Stanley Hofman, Janet M. Schultz, Virginia Lawson, Anne Kelley, Kelli Tjaden, Randy Bartlett, Mary Lou Hegwood, Penny Strand, Nick Schultz, Charley Colton, Faith Cook, Kayleigh McCarthy, Bernard Nelson, Michael Nelson, Wayne Strand, Barbara Maddux, Mitch Stretesky, Mark Berry, Billie Hayes, Sherri Schoenholz, Doug Gaswick, Joshua Reichard.


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