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City benefits from atrazine class action settlement PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

Imperial is one of 1,085 water systems across the country that benefitted from a $105 million settlement in a class action lawsuit over atrazine.
At Monday’s city council meeting, Clerk/Administrator Jo Leyland said the city has received a settlement check for $24,186.39.
Since 2004, law firms from St. Louis and Dallas have represented water providers in the class action lawsuit against Syngenta, the world’s largest atrazine manufacturer, based in Switzerland, to help reimburse costs of removing the weed killer from the water system.
In October 2012, a federal judge in Illinois, where the suit was originally filed, approved the $105 million settlement.
Individual community water systems had to file paperwork to benefit from the settlement, and settlement amounts were determined by past atrazine detections and contamination history.
Atrazine is sprayed on corn and other crops. The lawsuit contended it sometimes runs off fields and into waterways used for drinking water sources.
According to Leyland, Imperial’s water system had detections of atrazine in one well in the early 1990s. That well has since been taken off the system, said Public Works Supt. Pat Davison.
There were no restrictions placed on use of the settlement funds, according to the settlement documents.