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Lady Longhorns tie for third at first meet PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

    With the first track meet of the season behind them, the Lady Longhorns and their coaches can now look ahead to what work needs to be done.
    Head Girls’ Coach Al Zuege said he was happy with his team’s performance in Cambridge Saturday, but added, “We certainly are not where we need to be.”
    “But, no one else is either,” he added.
    Chase County’s girls finished in a tie for third and fourth with Elm Creek. Coincidentally, Alma and Cambridge tied for first and second.
    The weather conditions, with temperatures in the 30s when they arrived and strong winds all day, played havoc with the times and marks at the Don Stine Invitational.
    But, Zuege said it was evident his team needs to work on conditioning.
    “That’s where we really need to work hard,” he said. “But, we got out of them as much as we could that day.”
    There were some pleasant surprises, he said.
    One area was in the sprints. Chase County had three medalists in the 200 and two more in the 100.
    Karlee Palmer, a sophomore who transferred here last fall, took a pair of seconds in both the 100 and 200.
    Zuege said she did not compete in track at the high school she attended last year, “so we were unsure how she would do.
    “We were pleasantly surprised,” he said.
    Palmer also ran on the team’s 400 meter relay, the only event in which Chase County took first Saturday. Others on that relay were Nichole Dickey, Dee Dee Pursley and Rebecca Martin.
    Dickey also put in a good mark in the long jump Saturday, finishing third with a jump of 14’6”.
    “That’s pretty good for this early in the season,” Zuege noted.
    Dickey was out of second by only an inch and a half.
    Another event in which the Lady Longhorns pulled in a lot of points was the 200 meter hurdles, with second, third and fourth place finishes from Pursley, Kacia Smith and Jilanne German.
    Pursley and German also went fourth and fifth in the high hurdles.
    While the marks were not near her best, Lexee Reichert finished fourth in the discus and fifth in the shot.
    “She’ll do better as the season progresses,” Zuege predicted.
    Team scoring at the meet was Alma 132, Cambridge 132, Chase County 97, Elm Creek 97, Wauneta/Palisade 43 and Cambridge JV 13.

Don Stine invitational
100 meter dash—2nd, Karlee Palmer, 13.37; 5th, Rebecca Martin, 13.90; 8th, Nichole Dickey, 14.10. Winning time—Blair Dixon, WP, 12.92.
200 meter dash—2nd, Karlee Palmer, 27.63; 3rd, Rebecca Martin, 29.07; 6th, Nichole Dickey, 30.33. Winning time—Blair Dixon, WP, 27.10.
400 meter dash—1st, Blair Dixon, WP, 1:03.85.
800 meter run—5th, Shanna Carter, 3:07.60; 6th, Morgan Strand, 3:17.16; 7th, Mayra Acosta, 3:25.60. Winning time—Margo Huggins, Alma, 2:48.80.
1600 meter run—6th, Paula Leibbrandt, 7:28.30; 9th, Jade Vaverek, 9:08.80. Winning time—Margo Huggins, Alma, 6:11.00.
3200 meter run—3rd, Devon Vaverek, 16:25.48. Winning time—Jerilyn Cornell, EC, 15:38.90.
100 meter hurdles—4th, Dee Dee Pursley, 18.55; 5th, Jilanne German, 18.99; 8th, Kacia Smith, CC JV, 19.67. Winning time—Julia Klinkebiel, Cam., 17.58.
300 meter hurdles—2nd, Dee Dee Pursley, 54.90; 3rd, Kacia Smith, 55.25; 4th, Jilanne German, 56.0. Winning time—Traci Keyser, Cam., 52.70.
400 meter relay—1st, Chase County, Nichole Dickey, Dee Dee Pursley, Rebecca Martin, Karlee Palmer, 55.19.
1600 meter relay—2nd, Chase County, Dee Dee Pursley, Kacia Smith, Shanna Carter, Jilanne German, 4:46.40. Winning time—Cambridge 4:29.76.
3200 meter relay—3rd, Chase County, Shanna Carter, Mayra Acosta, Devon Vaverek, Morgan Strand, 13:17.60. Winning time—Alma, 11:30.10.
High jump—6th, Shayla Dinnel, 4’4”. Winning mark—Frankie Petersen, Cam., 4’9”.
Pole vault—1st, Callie Cox, Alma, 8’6”..
Long jump—3rd, Nichole Dickey, 14’6”; 9th, Shayla Dinnel, 11’2.5”; 11th, Breanna Brown, 11’.5”. Winning mark—Shelby Meier, EC, 15’2.5”.
Triple jump—6th, Breanna Brown, 26’10.25”. Winning mark—Shelby Meier, EC, 32’8.25”.
Shot put—5th, Lexee Reichert, 31’7.5”; 8th, Karlee Kunnemann, 29’11.5”; 9th, Molly Strand, 29’9.5”; 11th, Marie Ramos, CC JV, 29’.5”; 15th, Shannon Liewer, CC JV, 26’5”; 18th. Alexa Bernhardt, 25’5”; 21st, Catarina Ramos, CC JV, 23’9”; 23rd, Katie Engbrecht, CC JV, 22’6”. Winning mark—Bailey Soucie, Cam., 39’7.5”.
Discus—4th, Lexee Reichert, 93’10”; 7th, Molly Strand, 88’5”; 8th, Karlee Kunnemann, 86’; 10th, Shannon Liewer, CC JV, 78’; 13th, Alexa Bernhardt, CC JV, 73’2”; 15th, Maria Ramos, CC JV, 66’9”; 18th, Katie Engbrecht, CC JV, 60’10”. Winning mark—Bailey Soucie, Cam., 113’.
Personal bests
100—Karlee Palmer, 13.4.
200—Rebecca Martin, 29.1; Karlee Palmer, 27.7.
800—Morgan Strand, 3:17.2; Mayra Acosta, 3:25.60.
1600—Paula Leibbrandt, 7:28.3; Jade Vaverek, 9:08.8.
3200—Devon Vaverek, 16:25.5.
100 meter hurdles—Kacia Smith, 19.7.
300 meter hurdles—Kacia Smith, 55.3.
Shot put—Molly Strand, 29’9.5”; Maria Ramos, 29’0.5”; Catarina Ramos, 23’9”; Shannon Liewer, 26’5”; Alexa Bernhardt, 25’5”; Katie Engbrecht, 22’6”.
Discus—Shannon Liewer, 78’.
High jump—Shayla Dinnel, 4’4”.
Long jump—Nichole Dickey, 14’6”; Shayla Dinnel, 11’2.5”.
To Ogallala on Friday
    Word was received that Saturday’s Ogallala Invitational has been moved to Friday due to weather forecasts. Coach Al Zuege said it is likely to be the most competitive of the season for the Chase County girls.
    Some of the area’s top Class B track programs will be there, including Sidney, Gothenburg, Cozad and Ogallala. Ainsworth, Perkins County and Hershey, all Class C, are also scheduled to attend.
    The new schedule will have a start time of 12:30 p.m. for field events. Running events, which will all be run as finals, get underway at 1:45 p.m. with the 3200 meter relay.


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