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Biggest Loser event begins next week PDF Print E-mail

By Carolyn Lee
The Imperial Republican

The third annual Biggest Loser Contest, sponsored by Adams Bank & Trust, is set to begin Jan. 2. Throw away those chips and dust off the stationary bike!
The contest is being extended this year, from 12 to 17 weeks, because, as chairman Carma Sazama said, “It’s so much fun!” It will end April 30, when the weather is warmer and people are motivated to fit into shorts and enjoy the spring temperatures.
Adams Bank is expanding the concept of Biggest Loser this year. The focus isn’t just on weight loss, but on keeping the weight off.
The bank will become an information center for healthy living. It will offer weight loss information, health tips, healthy recipes and more.
Adams Bank is also rewarding those people who lost weight during last year’s contest and kept that weight off within two percent of the loss. Those people will receive $10 in Chamber Bucks.
Mary Wilson of Adams Bank said “We don’t want people to do Biggest Loser for the donation event and then have to start over at their former weight. Let’s be more of an information center than a weight loss event.”
For every pound lost by a participant, Frenchman Valley Produce and Adams Bank will each donate $1. This year the proceeds will go to The Gift, a Christmas giving event started by Imperial United Methodist Church which spread to seven other Imperial Churches this past Christmas.
Wilson said a savings account will be opened for The Gift, in which the proceeds will be deposited. People wishing to donate to The Gift throughout the year may do so at Adams Bank.
The first year Biggest Loser was held, about 50 people participated. Last year 75 people decided to take the challenge.
Those wanting to participate this year may weigh in as many times as they want during banking hours, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. All information is kept confidential.
The first place loser will receive $50 in Chamber Bucks, the second place loser will receive $35 and the third place loser will receive $20 in Chamber Bucks.
In addition, a drawing will be held April 30, during which a name will be drawn for $50 in Chamber Bucks. The drawing will include the names of every participant, which will be entered every time they weigh in. Therefore, a person may have 17 entries in the drawing.
For more information contact Sazama at the bank.