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New school accounting system expected to increase efficiency PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

Training in a new computer system for much of Chase County Schools’ accounting, payroll and inventory operations will start today (Thursday) and continue for a week.
Supt. Brad Schoeppey told board members at Tuesday night’s meeting that it will be a lot of work in the coming week as the AptaFund program reps are here to begin the transition.
“We look forward to getting it in place,” he said.
He noted they have already  been submitting information for transition to the AptaFund system to help smooth the change-over.
As noted during the October meeting, when direction was given to proceed with the changeover, the current system used by the school likely hasn’t changed much for 30 years.
The new computer program will handle general ledger, payroll, purchasing, inventory and more. One key facet is it’s inventory control, which Schoeppey alluded to at the October meeting. Currently, the school has no consistent way of tracking inventory. When an item goes through the new system for purchase, it will  automatically be inventoried, as well.
Once the superintendent’s office staff is trained, they in turn will train the staff, who will begin submitting purchase orders via the computer system.
It will also greatly aid the school’s payroll system, Schoep­pey added, especially with classified employees who work by the hour.
Initial cost of the program is $15,000 for set-up, training and transfer of data. After that, the program will cost $6,000 each year.
In a related area, Supt. Schoeppey said he is also looking into a time clock system for the classified employees, which will make payroll more efficient for day-to-day operations. Now, employees fill out paperwork with their hours, which has to be tabulated by secretaries.
A new time clock system would automatically total the employee’s hours after a swipe of a card or by clocking in on a computer, he added.
Job descriptions/pay scales
Supt. Schoeppey also reported he is making good  progress on developing job descriptions for classified employees at the school. He has 27 of the 28 positions done, he said.
Being this is his first year at the school, Schoeppey noted job descriptions would be helpful when hiring a new employee.
Some of the areas he is including are job functions, qualifications expected for the position, possible physical requirements, scope of authority, if overtime is paid, etc.
He said by developing job descriptions and job analysis “grades,” he will have a better idea at what pay scale to start a new employee.
The grades, for which points would be awarded, would consider education, experience, decision-making requirements and financial responsibilities, among other criteria.
Along with job description samples from other schools, he’s used input from the two CCS principals and other staff in putting the descriptions together.

Other school board business

  • Board President Charley Colton attended his last school board meeting Tuesday after 16 years of service on the board. Supt. Schoeppey presented a plaque to him at the conclusion of the meeting. Colton said it has been “a true privilege to serve” with the board members, as well as the staff, but said it’s time for him to move on. “I feel we have the best school around,” Colton added. He chose not to seek re-election this year, and Willy O’Neil was elected to fill his position. Prior to his 16 years on the CCS board, Colton also was a five-year board member for the District 66 school, west of Imperial, before it closed.
  • A sick leave “bank” will be studied for possible implementation at the school on a voluntary basis. Supt. Schoeppey said he’s been concerned that several employees right now are dealing with long-term illnesses in their families, and may use up all of their sick leave days. Staff receive 10 paid sick days a year, and cannot build up more than 45. In this voluntary system, other staff members could designate some of their own sick days for a fellow employee.
  • Twenty-nine-year school employee Kent Silvester, currently the maintenance supervisor, will end his tenure at the school on Friday, as he is retiring. Board members approved his resignation Tuesday. Supt. Schoeppey said advertisements yielded five applicants for the job, and he planned to hold interviews today (Thursday). Silvester indicated he would be available to fill in and also train the new supervisor during the transition, Schoeppey said.
  • The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) had increased sales of $2,000 in its annual book sale that concluded last week. Elementary Principal Pat Lane said $7,200 in sales were made, and PTO should realize a profit of around $2,200. Funds will be used toward the purchase of additional Smart Boards and books for classrooms, while some will be retained for book credits, Lane said. All K-4 classrooms and the two sixth grade rooms will eventually have Smart Boards, 16 in all. Some of the boards have been purchased with grant money, school budget dollars and a Knights of Columbus donation from its annual Tootsie Roll drive, Lane noted.
  • Rachel Maxwell of Imperial was approved as a local substitute teacher by Supt. Schoeppey. At last month’s meeting, the board approved allowing the superintendent to hire substitutes after interviewing them, rather than seeking board approval, which sometimes could delay having the substitute come to work.