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City boards filled with community minded residents PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz, The Imperial Republican News Editor

A city like Imperial cannot run on just the work of the city council, mayor and department supervisors.
It’s interesting to note there are at least 10 different boards and commissions that help the city of Imperial operate.
Do you have a particular interest in the city’s parks or its theatre? How about the library or cemetery?
Each one of those entities has a board that oversees the operation, and people in the community are sought each year to fill the positions.
The first council meeting in December is set aside each year for the mayor’s appointments to these boards and commissions.
While Mayor Dwight Coleman filled many of the positions this past week, some spots remain open. Several volunteers whose terms were up in 2012 readily accepted reappointments to serve another three, four or five-year term.
Some did not, so that may provide an opportunity for you if you want to step up.
When scanning over the list of board members, several of them are serving on more than one, in addition to being active in other local organizations and holding jobs, too.
Small communities, and even big ones, can’t operate without the time given by volunteers. This is a good place to put your time where you have a particular interest.
In the past few years, Imperial has lost its arts council and the Imperial Community Players group, among others, largely due to lack of volunteers willing to commit their time for the benefit of their community.
Yes, we are all busy. But, our community is worth the time we give it.
At this time of year, when a spirit of giving is so predominant, why not consider serving on a city board, or in some other way? Contact the mayor. If a particular board doesn’t have an opening this year, it likely will next year.
The Imperial Republican is also running regular feature stories on organizations in the community, all of which do great things to make Imperial a better place to live.
The opportunities to give back are many. Don’t let them pass you by.