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Twenty-six on girls’ track roster get first test this weekend PDF Print E-mail
By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

    As the wind blew and the temperature dropped outside Monday, Head Girls Track Coach Al Zuege said he certainly could think of nicer days for practice.
    With the team’s first track meet arriving this Saturday in Cambridge, the Longhorn coaches were hoping the weather predictions this week were off base a bit.
    Unfortunately, it looked like most of the athletes would be indoors on Monday.
    Coach Zuege said the weather cooperated fine last week, with warmth outside each day, allowing for a good week of practice.
    “We got quite a bit done last week,” he said.
    However, it looked vastly different this week. It may have meant a lot of the week indoors.
    “When we’re indoors, it’s hard to get a good workout” no matter what event, Zuege said.
    “It just hinders everything you can do.”
    Whether they are in or out for practice, Zuege said they’ll be concentrating on some more technique work this week, including relay exchanges, starts and hurdle work, in addition to more conditioning.
    Here are the events in which Zuege has his athletes placed for this weekend’s opener at Cambridge.
Distance (1600, 3200)—Paula Leibbrandt, Jade Vaverek, Devon Vaverek.
Mid-distance (800)—Shanna Carter, Morgan Strand, Mayra Acosta.
Sprints (100, 200, 400, 4x100 relay)—Karlee Palmer, Nichole Dickey, Rebecca Martin, Dee Dee Pursley, Jilanne German, Kacia Smith.
Hurdles—Dee Dee Pursley, Jilanne German, Chantal Heathers, Kacia Smith.
Long, triple jump—BreAnna Brown, Shayla Dinnel, Nichole Dickey, Cassie Carman, Malissa Martinez, Carolina Ramos.
High jump—Morgan Strand, Shayla Dinnel.
Shot, discus—Molly Strand, Karlee Kunnemann, Lexee Reichert, Katie Engbrecht, Shannon Liewer, Alexa Bernhardt, Maria Ramos, Catarina Ramos, Carolina Ramos.
1600, 3200 relays—Shanna Carter, Morgan Strand, Mayra Acosta, Devon Vaverek.
    Here is the roster of athletes who are part of the 2009 girls’ track program, divided by class.
Seniors—Nichole Dickey, Molly Strand, Morgan Strand.
Juniors—Mayra Acosta, Shanna Carter, Jilanne German, Karlee Kunnemann, Paula Leibbrandt, Dee Dee Pursley, Maria Ramos, Jade Vaverek.
Sophomores—BreAnna Brown, Cassie Carman, Rebecca Martin, Malissa Martinez, Karlee Palmer, Catarina Ramos, Carolina Ramos, Lexee Reichert.
Freshmen—Alexa Bernhardt, Shayla Dinnel, Katie Engbrecht, Chantal Heathers, Shannon Liewer, Kacia Smith, Devon Vaverek.
Saturday opener at Cambridge
    This Saturday’s opener is at Cambridge, and is well-known for greeting athletes with winter conditions instead of spring.  
    Field events will start at 9 a.m. (MT), with the running events at 11:15 a.m. (MT). It’s hoped the field events are completed before running events start, Zuege said.
    There will be no prelims; field events will include three attempts per athlete, while the running events will be divided into heats  and run against time.
    Teams can enter three athletes in the varsity division per event, and as many as they choose in the JV division. That means all of the Lady Longhorns will be competing at the opener.
    Other teams, besides Chase County and the hosts, expected at the Don Stine Invitational Saturday include Alma, Elm Creek and Wauneta/Palisade.
    Perkins County was on the schedule to compete, but is not coming this year.