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Now’s the time to rally behind the hospital PDF Print E-mail

By Russ Pankonin, The Imperial Republican
It’s been an anxious 10 days for anyone connected with the Chase County Community Hospital. Early last week, the board of trustees concluded it was time for a change in the leadership.
If you have ever sat on a board, have your own employees or manage employees, these kinds of decisions never come easily. Frankly, it’s a gut-wrenching occurrence for both sides of the table.
In the case of a public body, like the hospital board, such a decision brings the board under a great deal of scrutiny.
There will be people who believe the board made the right decision. There will be people who believe the board made the wrong decision. Both sides are passionate in their belief. And, there will also be those who aren’t really concerned with the issue.
Despite one’s position, I believe there’s one thing we do all agree upon—the importance of our hospital to the future of Chase County.
It was interesting for me to discuss the recent situation with several people unconnected to the hospital. They didn’t take particular interest in what was happening with the leadership changes because they weren’t directly affected.
However,  they also commented on how important this hospital is to them, the community and Chase County.
Unless you have direct day-to-day involvement, for most people the hospital is out-of-sight, out-of-mind. That all changes if you are sick, injured or in need of immediate medical attention. Then, the hospital is no longer taken for granted and  becomes of foremost importance.
Whether you agree or disagree with the decision made by the hospital board to change leadership, the decision has been made! Nothing will change that at this point.
During a special hospital board meeting held Tuesday night, members of the medical and nursing staffs attended the meeting. They weren’t there to argue who was right and who was wrong.
Instead, they were there to show that despite the situation, they want what each of us want—a top-notch hospital that serves the needs of our county and region. They want to see the hospital grow and thrive. They all realize the importance of health care in our rural setting.
Moving forward together was a theme voiced often during the meeting by both the board and the staff. Working together is the medicine that will carry the hospital through this change in leadership.
There are great things happening at Chase County Community Hospital. Amongst those is consideration of a renovation plan to allow this hospital to meet the challenges of healthcare for the next 20-30 years.
Now’s the time for all of us to rally behind the hospital, the work it does and the people it serves.
That’s how we move forward.