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Local singers to turn professional PDF Print E-mail

By Carolyn Lee
The Imperial Republican

Nick and Tyler Talbott, former Imperial residents and sons of Carrie and Larry Talbott, have been entertaining area residents for years. Now, they’re aiming for a larger audience.
During concerts in Imperial over the weekend, the brothers, part of “The Talbott Brothers,” said they would begin touring professionally next spring.
They just released their first CD, “Leaving Home,” and were in Imperial to promote it. Actual release date is Nov. 27, but the brothers wanted to honor their hometown by selling it to eager customers early.
“We wanted our hometown to have the first choice,” Tyler noted.
“We sent it off and were nervous to get it back. We put it on in the car and drove around” listening to it and critiquing it, Tyler said.
There are 16 songs on the CD, including “I Wanna See,” which the brothers wrote together while Nick was in college and Tyler was still living at home; “Poor Man,” about the homeless, and “City Life,” which the brothers wrote after living in Imperial, moving to Lincoln and realizing that they “had to wait until the crosswalk sign turns.”
Nick is a 2008 Chase County Schools graduate, while Tyler is a 2011 graduate.
“Our CD is the key to getting into the market,” Tyler observed during a break at Brickstone Friday night. He and Nick will send the CD, pertinent information and cards to promoters across the country, in hopes of booking tours.
In the meantime, the two are giving acoustic concerts to promote the CD, leaving two other band members at home in Lincoln.
They have built a studio in a house in Lincoln, and began recording their CD last spring.
Creating songs is a process. Tyler said having four members in the band is “awesome, because so many ideas are flowing around constantly.”
Nick said phrases stick in his head, marinating, and a week later, they form lyrics.
Do the lyrics or music come first? Nick said he’s been asked that many times.
For him, the lyrics come first. It’s a little different for Tyler.
“The music has to complement the lyrics,” Nick explained. “You have to find something you like musically and fit it” to the story. Also, “How can I make this appeal” to people, Nick asks himself.
The brothers both contribute to each song, although each of them writes about 90 percent of a song first, then gives it to the other to help finish.
“When we co-write it takes a very long time,” Nick smiled.
The best songs are created when one brother doesn’t sit down to write it, but is conversing with other people, the brothers agreed.
Being professional singers will be hard, Tyler acknowledged, but “the best part is having a brother. When one is down, the other’s up,” he said. “We fight,” Nick said, but “We’re brothers,” Tyler added.
They know that breaking into the music scene will be difficult. At present, they’re pulling a small trailer behind a used pickup when they hit concert sites.
But they’re positive about their future. Nick is a senior at the University of Nebraska-Kearney, majoring in family studies and art. Tyler took a year of music at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
For now, they’re eager to promote their CD and to travel down the road to more recognition.
For more information see their website at the talbott


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