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Time to bridge the divide PDF Print E-mail

By Russ Pankonin, The Imperial Republican
Americans went to the polls Tuesday to elect a president for the next four years. In the end, it was President Barack Obama who won re-election for another four years.
Despite a significant advantage in the electoral college vote count, President Obama gained only 52 percent of the popular vote, with 48 percent going to his challenger Mitt Romney.
What this says is that our country is deeply divided about how our country is run. But what most Americans are fed up with is our politicians as a whole in Washington D.C.
Our country faces one of its greatest economic challenges since the Great Depression. We Americans know that changes have to be made for our country and its economy to remain the bellwether of the world.
For the last four years, we have witnessed the Democrats and Republicans in Washington go at each other like cats and dogs.
After taking control of the House of Representatives in 2010, the Republicans made up their mind they weren’t going to budge off their agenda of lower taxes and less government, with the goal of making Obama a one-term president.
Meanwhile, the Democrats controlled the U.S. Senate, along with the presidency, and they weren’t budging on their stand of allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire, along with raising taxes on the top one percent of the wealthiest Americans.
The only compromise they were able to find common ground on was a cost-cutting committee aimed at reducing the federal deficit. The only caveat was that if they couldn’t agree on measures by Jan. 1, there would be automatic 10 percent cuts in specific areas, the foremost being the military.
As of yet, there has been no agreement on cost-cutting plans with the Jan. 1 deadline looming ever closer.
It’s time Washington stopped caring about Washington and instead started doing the work of America.
Whether you’re a Republican, a Democrat or an Independent, I think it’s safe to say that we all want our country to grow and prosper; to create jobs; to reduce the deficit. Most of all, I believe we all want the president and congress to find some common ground where everyone can work together for the good of this nation—not themselves; not their parties.
It’s time we bridge the divide in Washington because our nation can not stand the chaos that will result if we don’t. It’s time to do what’s best for America!