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Coach sees growth in 7th grade volleyball season PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

Seventh grade volleyball coach Ruth Saltz said her 2012 team made great strides during the season that concluded Oct. 13.
At that Dundy County round robin tournament finale, her Shorthorns finished 4-1 in matches among the A, B and C team competition.
Saltz said as the team’s serving improved as the season went along, and so did the rest of their game.
She said the seventh grade’s passing and setting got better as their confidence improved. As the season progressed, they also got better on the pass, set and hit segments of the game, “instead of hitting the ball over on the first hit.”
While the team as seventh graders came in with little experience and skills, Coach Saltz said she was happy with where they ended.
Here is a recap of the last few matches of the season.
Dundy County round
robin—Oct. 13
A team
Defeated Dundy County 2—25-20, 25-13.
Defeated Dundy County 1—21-25, 25-17, 15-8.
B team
Lost to Dundy County 1—12-25, 14-25.
Defeated Dundy County 2—25-18, 25-5.
C team
Defeated Southwest—25-10, 25-3.
Grant match—Oct. 9
Won—8-15, 25-10, 25-17.
Chase County
Jamboree—Oct. 6
A team
Defeated Dundy County—20-14, 20-18.
Defeated Wray B—20-17, 20-11.
Lost to Wray A—17-20, 11-20.
Defeated Perkins County B—20-13, 20-17.
B team
Lost to Wray 2—10-20, 14-20.
Lost to Dundy County B—15-20, 14-20.
Lost to Perkins County B—14-20, 15-20.
Perkins County round
robin—Sept. 29
A team
Lost—7-25, 19-25.
Defeated Ogallala—25-13, 25-12.
Split with Hershey—22-25, 25-17.
B team
Lost to Ogallala—15-25, 14-25.
Lost to Sutherland—11-25, 17-25.
Defeated Perkins County 2—25-22, 25-23.
Lost to Hershey—16-25, 21-25.
Defeated Perkins County 1—25-13, 25-15.
Lost to Hershey 2—23-25, 13-25.
C team
Lost to Ogallala—8-15, 15-13.
Holyoke match—Sept. 27
C team
Lost—10-20, 8-20.
A and B
Lost—15-20, 20-18, 13-15.


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