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First month of 2009 brings in over $29,000 from sales tax PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

    Compared to most months the past year, January’s sales tax revenues to the city of Imperial were down a bit.
    But, the $29,044.90 from January’s sales pushed the overall total to more than $648,000 since the additional one percent Imperial city tax started in April, 2007.
    Of January’s total, $3,861.92 came from the one percent city sales tax on vehicles. Those funds go directly into the city’s street fund.
    As per the vote by city residents in November, 2006, half of the city sales tax monies go into a fund for economic development efforts. The other half is earmarked for community projects, and also housed in a separate fund.
    Much of the community projects sales tax money is meeting the city’s bond payments for their costs of the new swimming pool/lockerroom complex.
    Funds from the economic development side of the proceeds have been used, in part, to support business start-ups and aid the hospital in doctor recruitment, among others.

Monthly city sales
tax proceeds

April, 2007    $20,199.40
May, 2007    23,956.01
June, 2007    28,766.35
July, 2007    27,100.34
August, 2007    28,885.17
September, 2007    26,237.63
October, 2007    27,883.12
November, 2007    22,397.37
December, 2007    27,298.21
January, 2008    34,906.03
February, 2008    26,144.16
March, 2008    28,637.64
April, 2008    34,977.58
May, 2008    30,634.26
June, 2008    36,651.61
July, 2008    38,195.20
August, 2008    32,126.00
September, 2008    30,490.55
October, 2008    $32,342.49
November, 2008    $26,366.88
December, 2008    $35,016.90
January, 2009    $29,044.90
    Total    $648,257.80


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