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Student vocalists bring back songs of yesteryear PDF Print E-mail
Chase County’s fifth and sixth grade classes brought back a lot of music from the “old days” at a pops concert last Thursday night in the school auditorium. Grade 7-12 Principal Mike Sorensen, seated, had a great seat for one of the sixth grade songs, “Stop in the Name of Love,” a classic by The Supremes. Mid-way through the song, members of the sixth grade boys’ basketball team Sorensen helped coach this season surrounded him as they belted out the number, along with fellow classmates on the risers behind them. According to Director Dr. J. Gordon Christensen, Sorensen had indicated several months ago The Supremes were among his favorite groups, and wondered why he hadn’t heard any of their music yet at any of the school concerts. Well, he got his wish last week. (Republican photo)

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