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Latest bloodmobile just shy of goal PDF Print E-mail

Seventy good units of blood were collected in Imperial at the Sept. 21 Red Cross Bloodmobile.
Coordinator Liz Mollendor said the total came from 56 whole units and 14 double red cell units.
While it was shy of the day’s goal of 77, Mollendor was happy with the results, saying it was a great day and things “went smoothly.”
Several potential donors were deferred, many for low iron counts, she said.
The next bloodmobile coming to Imperial will be on Nov. 28 at Chase County Schools. School Nurse Angie Paisley or senior Justin German can be contacted for appointments.

Here is the list of donors from the Sept. 21 bloodmobile.

Donors—Doug Gaswick, Dr. Dave Johnsen, Greg Hayes, Dan Mullanix, Lou Hegwood, Dr. Troy Worth, Michael Nelson, Brenda Thayer, Rev. Bernard Lorenz, Larry Radcliffe, Bruce Way, Bob Bartels, Max McGarr, Donna McNair, Janice Widger, Doreen Mohr, Eldon Kuntzelman, Cheryl Bryan, Terri Dillan, Sarah Hoskovec, Darlene Jens, Joan Wenzlick, Vickie Beard, Nick Schultz, Adrienne Hillman, Faith Cook, Laura Gaschler, Kristi McNair, Dona Ekart, Dirk Greene, Kim Wiest, Joy Smith, Leslie Aeby, Kathy Cook, Veronica Kruger, Bob and Burnetta Ahrens, Olga Dominguez, Mary Wilson, Jaime Hiett, Kelli Tjaden, Stan Cross, Diane Way, Tracy Pribbeno, Rodney and Rickie Prather, Billie Hayes, Roxane and Johnny Miller, Penny Strand, Mark Berry, Anne Kelley, Joni Kaiser, Sheyla Christner, Jane Greene, Patrick DeLack, Amanda Larrabee, Joyce Terryberry, Marcia Rider, Lori Beard, Nicki Sailors, Bernard Nelson, Sam Kasselman, Mitch Stretesky, Brenda German, Rory Jens, Marie Sieperda, Randy Bartlett, Rex Heckenlively, Chris Krausnick and Rich Norman.


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