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Homeowner surprised his address site of sex offender PDF Print E-mail
By Russ Pankonin
The Imperial Republican
    Kody Weiss of Imperial couldn’t imagine why he was getting phone calls after last week’s paper came out.
    Callers were asking Weiss about the registered sex offender living at his address.
    Weiss went and got his paper to find out that his address, 227 East 5th, was indeed noted as the residence of a registered sex offender.
    Kenneth Wright, who works for Weiss at Progressive Swine Technologies, had been living with Weiss since late February while he was trying to find his own place.
    When Wright first came to Imperial, he was residing with a relative.
    State law requires any convicted Level 3 sex offender to register their residence with the Nebraska State Patrol.
    He completed that registration in late February through the Chase County Sheriff’s Office, noting that he lived at 227 East 5th at the time.
    The State Patrol then makes that information available to communities where the sex offender lives.
    Weiss said Wright is no longer living at his residence and does not know his new residence.
    Wright is required to notify the county sheriff’s office of any change in residence within five business days.
    Sheriff Tim Sutherland said that Wright has several days remaining  to complete his registration.