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Chase County youths bring home more than 100 State Fair placings PDF Print E-mail

Thirty-two Chase County 4-H members participated in the 2012 Nebraska State Fair held in Grand Island, reports Extension staff members Kimberly Cook, Nancy Frecks and Robert Tigner. In addition to their 111 placings, several youths received special honors during the State Fair.
Chase County 4-H’er Regan Gittlein’s PSA was one of four selected from the West Central District for the State PSA Contest. It was held at the State Fair and he received a blue ribbon in the state contest.
Hayley Vitosh was selected as the Chase County representative in the Premier Presentation Contest at the State Fair and she received a purple ribbon.
Lauren Prior and Dawn Castle each donated a quilt they made this year to the National Quilts of Valor Foundation. The quilts will be given to U.S. soldiers that have been “touched by war.” During the presentation ceremony, Lauren’s Quilts of Valor PSA was played and Dawn’s Quilts of Valor poster was displayed with the exhibits of all the Quilts of Valor.
Listed below are all of the Chase County State Fair results:

  • Madison Brown—P—Composition Display.
  • Ashley Bubak—P—Accessory-Recycled Item.
  • Kaycee Bubak—B—Crossbred Steers.
  • Dawn Castle—R—Accessory-Original made from metal.
  • Mindy Castle—R—Article, B—Cleaned Restored Heirloom Accessory/Furniture.
  • Ryelee Christensen—B—Dress, B—Purchased Garment, B—Biscuits, P—Double Crust Fruit Pie.
  • Morayah Cupp—P—Embellished Garment w Orig Design, P—Educational Display, P—Recycled Accessory, P—Accessory-Recycled Item, B—Home Accessory with Dyed Fabric, B—Fire Prevention Poster, R—Miniature Pumpkins, R—Acorn Squash, R—Other Winter Squash, W—Other Vegetable, P—Veterinary Science Large Animal Display, P—Rocket-Skill Level 2.
  • Emma Ferguson—B—Gilts, B—Barrows, P—Intermediate Swine Showmanship, P—Veterinary Science Large Animal Display.
  • Brady Gittlein—B—Shorthorn Yearlings May/June, P—Intermediate Beef Showmanship, R—Multimedia Presentation.
  • Regan Gittlein—R—Multimedia Presentation.
  • Jessica Hartman—B—Dress or Formal.
  • Trace Helser—B—Commercial Breeding Beef, P—Intermediate Beef Showmanship.
  • Carissa Hill—R—Original Pencil or chalk Drawing.
  • Andrea Hogsett—B—Make One Buy One, P—Accessory—Orig made from Glass, P—Original Ink Drawing, P—Original Watercolor Painting, P—Home Accessory with Any Printing Technique, B—Tailoring.
  • Cody Holmes—P—Russet Potatoes.
  • Dustin Holmes—B—Other Family Exhibits, B—Dried Fruit, P—Dried Vegetables, P—Dried Herbs, P—Foam Cake, B—Beets, R—Jalapeno Peppers, B—Russet Potatoes, B—Rocket-Skill Level 2.
  • Mason Holmes—B—Yellow Onions, R—Sweet (non-bell) Peppers, P—Jalapeno Peppers, P—Russet Potatoes.
  • Shandra Johnson—B—Hampshire Market Lambs, B—Commercial Meat Breeds-Ewe Lambs, B—Gilts, P—Crossbred Steers, P Senior Sheep Showmanship.
  • Stephen Johnson—B—Junior Swine Showmanship, B—Gilts.
  • Stevie Johnson—B—Hampshire Market Lambs, B—Commercial Meat Breeds-Ewe Lambs, B—Intermediate Sheep Showmanship.
  • Jodi Koellner—B—Activity Bag.
  • Mikael Kuhlmann—B—Feeders & Waterers.
  • Lindsey Mendenhall—B—Embellished Garment w Orig Design.
  • Logan Mendenhall—P—Kit Labeled Robot.
  • Kadyn Milner—R—Accessory-Outdoor Living.
  • Bo O’Neil—W—Bell Peppers, W—Yellow Tomatoes.
  • Lauren Prior—B—Natural Color Market Lambs, B—Suffolk Market Lambs, B—Commercial Meat Breeds-Ewe Lambs, B Intermediate Sheep Showmanship, P—Crossbred Market Lambs, P—Service Items, B—Level I Quilted Exhibit-Small, B—Premiere Quilt-Sewing Machine Quilted.
  • Katie Richman—W—Houses, B—Unique Baked Product.
  • Derek Schilke—R—Original Pencil or chalk Drawing, P—Original Ink Drawing, P—Original Watercolor Painting, P—Corn, B—Soybeans, B—Wheat, B—Other Crops.
  • Kayla Schilke—P—Purchased Garment, R—Article, P—Accessory-Original made from Wood, R—Tomato Exhibit-1 Jar, B—Jelled Exhibit-1 Jar, B—Cultural Foods Exhibit, B—Specialty Pastry.
  • Cydney Spady—B—Inter-Generational Quilt.
  • Hayley Vitosh—P—Premier Presenter Contest, P—Babysitting Kit, P—Embellished Garment w Orig Design, P—Purchased Garment, B—Accessory-Textile 3D, B—Accessory-Original Floral Design, P—Accessory-Original made from metal, B—Accessory-Recycled Item, P—Model Purchased Outfit, B—Healthy Snack, B—Creative Mixes, B—Loaf Quick Bread, B—Marigold, R—Zinnia, R—Foliage Potted Plant, B—Rocket-Skill Level 2.

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