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Another ‘what were they thinking?’ incident PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz, The Imperial Republican News Editor

With news blaring at us about our growing national debt, solvency questions about Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid and more, an investigation into Veterans Administration spending at training conferences last year leaves me dumbfounded once again.
It’s another chapter in my “What were they thinking?” collection.
On the heels of the government’s General Services Administration’s $820,000 “training conference” in 2010, these two VA training sessions tallied an estimated $5 million, although the Inspector General is still investigating.
Included in their “expenses” was a $52,000 video portraying the “Patton” movie of the 1970s-era and another $84,000 for promotional items such as pens and other “souvenirs.”
When many of our veterans have to sometimes fight tooth and nail for benefits, many after being injured while serving their country, this kind of spending is inexcusable.
Who was watching the spending? Do these conference organizers just get a blank check?
I would venture to say most of the VA employees involved in the scheduling of these conferences never ran a business where cash flows and spending are something considered nearly every day.
It’s just an attitude that seems to permeate so many government workers today. When it’s not your money, who cares?
Certainly, with these types of abuses that continue to come to light, something has to be done about oversight. But as our government continues to grow as our President seems to want, it will get worse.
We also have to hold our elected officials accountable in making the needed changes in these agencies supported by our tax dollars.
But, sometimes, you just can’t correct stupid.


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