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Wauneta woman walks away after vehicle rolls into canyon PDF Print E-mail

By Sheri Hink
The Wauneta Breeze

Linda Thomas of Wauneta took the ride of her life Aug. 14 when her Jeep Cherokee rolled down the canyon on Avenue 347, also known as the “Y,” just south of the Jasen Littrels’ near Wauneta.
According to Chase County Sheriff Kevin Mueller, the accident was thought to be caused by a mechanical failure in Thomas’ vehicle.
Thomas reported that her steering wheel began to feel loose as she headed south on Avenue 347 towards Wauneta.  Her vehicle began to pull to the right and she slowed down. The accident ended after her vehicle apparently rolled down the side of the cliff to the bottom of the canyon.
Emergency personnel on site reported that she was walking around her vehicle when they arrived.
Wauneta EMS ambulances were not able to get to the bottom of the canyon due to the difficult terrain. EMS and firemen walked down the canyon wall on foot to reach Thomas in her vehicle where they remained with her until help could arrive.
Other Wauneta Volunteer Fire Department members took the WVFD grass rig the long way around to get to the scene of the accident.
Thomas took a ride in the WVFD fire rig back up and out of the canyon. EMS workers met her on the road and transported her to the Chase County Community Hospital to be examined.
Thomas was not wearing a seat belt, according to Sheriff Mueller.


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