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FMSC makes impact on child hunger PDF Print E-mail

By Russ Pankonin, The Imperial Republican Co-Publisher
Just a couple of weeks ago, I wrote in this space about how you never know how your actions will make a difference in someone else’s life.
In just two short weeks, I’ve seen a shining example of that in the work of the non-profit organization Feed My Starving Children and its volunteers.
Last week, for the second consecutive year, Southwest Nebraska Meals for God’s Children has sponsored a MobilePack event in Imperial for Feed My Starving Children.
Over a five-day period, volunteers packed 520,992 meals to feed starving children in Third World countries. That’s enough meals to feed 1,427 kids for a year.
Each and every person who took part in that event helped make a difference in the lives of the children these meal packages will feed. And when these children come to feeding centers, they are surrounded by the love and faith of the people who brought them this food. What a difference that can make!
While last week’s event can’t erase the hunger 400 million children worldwide suffer on a daily basis, it will make a difference in the lives more than 1,400 children. In many cases, it means the difference between life and death.
Despite an ever-growing food supply produced in this country, there’s still more than a billion people worldwide who go hungry each day.
In fact, of the 400 million children suffering from hunger daily, 18,000 of those kids will die today. Another 18,000 tomorrow. Another 18,000 the day after, as death continues to march on.
Let’s put that into some kind of perspective. Take a commercial airplane that carries 250 people. If 72 planes dropped from the sky today, that would equal 18,000 people. And tomorrow, another 72 planes would fall from the sky. And the day after that.
If that were to happen, you can’t even imagine the outcry that would occur.  But since that hunger occurs in what people consider insignificant parts of the world, it doesn’t make the headlines.
Hunger is a worldwide issue. Personally, my only experience with hunger comes from a result of my own will­—choosing to skip a meal here or there. Those 400 million kids have that choice forced upon them.
I want to thank  Southwest Nebraska Meals for God’s Children for their vision to help feed starving kids. Many thanks to nearly 1,500 volunteers who made the event a success and to those who donated money to reach the $110,000 goal to pay for the event.
This represents just what making a difference in someone else’s life is all about.


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