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Lynn Flaming awarded ‘Friend of Conservation Award’ PDF Print E-mail
    Lynn Flaming of Elsie was awarded the Upper Republican NRD 2008 Friend of Conservation Award, Saturday night in Enders at the Southwestern Nebraska Pheasants Forever 19th Annual Banquet.
    Flaming and his wife Marlene were present to receive the award. Terry Martin of Benkelman Upper Republican NRD board member made the presentation.
    Making the most of what’s available—that’s exactly what this Elsie, farmer has spent the past few decades perfecting. Flaming has used his experience and ingenuity to craft equipment better suited to farming the sandy soil of western Nebraska, including the now nationally renowned Orthman 1-tRIPr.
    Since the mid 1980’s, Flaming has been manufacturing equipment for the family farm from his personal workshop. He began with an early design of an original guidance system for the cultivator.
    In the mid 1990’s, Flaming began the development of the Drip Well, an automatic turbine pump oiler, which uses water pressure to regulate the flow of oil. Inadequate lubrication is the leading cause of turbine pump failures.
    “Unrestricted lubrication wastes oil,” Flaming states. “The Drip—Well solves both problems with the additional benefit of protecting the aquifer from contamination. A spring-loaded check valve opens with only 10 psi of water pressure. The pump is oiled when the well shuts down for any reason.”
    Flaming’s need for “tinkering” with farm equipment and machinery didn’t stop there.
    In 1996, he began a prototype for the 1tRIPr, and it has been the catalyst behind the recent embrace of strip-till agricultural production.
    This pre-plant tillage tool combines proven strip-till soil management, precision nutrient placement and seedbed preparation in a single field pass to provide unprecedented field efficiency. The 1-tRIPr combines multiple operations to meet pre-plant objectives while conserving moisture, soil integrity, time and money.
    This machine is an important conservation tool used widely in Nebraska, and manufactured for no-till operations across the country. The 1-tRIPr unit is a zone tillage system that manages and conserves residue in high production irrigated farming systems.
    The 1-tRIPr machine is made up of a trash cleaner, adjustable ripper shank, and a wavy coulter that leaves a smooth seed bed. The planter is positioned behind this piece of equipment.
    Flaming’s concept with this machine is very important to perform several practices with one pass, and works where traditional no-till systems might not. Orthman Manufacturing has estimated that 2.2 million acres are strip-tilled using the 1tRIPr.
    Flaming has demonstrated the planning and carrying out of impressive land, water and related resource management practices with the development of this conservation farming equipment.
    Flaming’s “Friend of Conservation” status can be confirmed by his openness and willingness to educate fellow farmers and ranchers. He took prototypes of the machine to the field, showing neighbors the effects: water savings, better soil erosion management and financial savings by reducing the normal four trips through the field with several machines to just one pass through the field with the 1-tRIPr.
    Jerry Kuenning, a fellow farmer, stated, “This is the best machine we have on our farming operation. The Flaming family has been committed and dedicated to the development of this machine.”
    Orthman Manufacturing President John McCoy joined in on congratulating Flaming.
    “At Orthman, we will forever continue the ideals, traditions, and commitment to our customers which the Orthman family established decades ago. Our participation in the manufacturing, design evolution and distribution of Lynn’s widely successful 1 tRIPr tillage system, keeps our enterprise focused with an enduring challenge that has been, and always will be, to keep the industry that feeds us, efficient. We congratulate Lynn on the “Friend of Conservation” award and believe there is no one more deserving,” McCoy said.
    The Flamings and their children still work together on the family farm and ranch.
    The operation consists of 4,000 plus acres of corn, wheat and dryland corn; and 500 cow-calf pairs.