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Legislative bill would provide essential information PDF Print E-mail
By Jan Schultz, The Imperial Republican News Editor
Legislative bill (LB) 675 will go before the Unicameral’s judiciary committee today (Thursday) in Lincoln.
It’s a bill that would require a doctor about to perform an abortion to show the mother an ultrasound prior to undergoing the abortion. While some doctors say they are doing that now, there is nothing to force them to do so.
It’s hard to understand why someone might be against this. After all, it’s just requiring a doctor to show via an ultrasound exactly what many prefer to call a “fetus” versus an unborn child.
It will show in a very real way that it’s a living child.
Most of those who are pro-choice no longer dispute that it is life inside the womb; science has proven that. Now, the argument is the mother’s right to choose.
However, some feel on the pro-life side of the argument that, if a mother actually views the ultrasound pictures, she may change her mind.
Is there anything wrong with that?
In many cases, women feel they have no other options but abortion when an unplanned pregnancy happens.
Unfortunately, those of us on the pro-life side may have not been doing as good a job as we should on extending help to these women, and letting them know of programs that do provide support.
There are many, many programs that offer aid to women with an unplanned pregnancy. Most churches have programs, and there are also so many couples who would dearly love to adopt a newborn if the mom would make the sacrifice of carrying the child to term.
LB 675 deserves our support. Why would anyone want a woman facing this decision not to have ALL of the information about what is really happening in an abortion?
It would give a mother in crisis one last opportunity to view her child and choose life.
 Sen. Mark Christensen of Imperial is on the judiciary committee and will be at Thursday’s hearing. We are counting on his support of this measure, and move it out of committee to floor discussion.