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Foundation directors build on visions for Imperial’s future PDF Print E-mail
    Imperial's Community Foundation board of directors and the Chase County Hospital Foundation director spent an evening at the Imperial Lied Library meeting room dreaming about Imperial's future and sharing experiences of when they felt proud to be from Imperial.
    The topics were among exercises assigned by Marcia White of Lincoln. White was hired by the Nebraska Community Foundation (NCF) to help its affiliated fund communities develop directions in building a vision to grow an endowment and to establish goals for how to best utilize the endowment funds to the community's benefit for years to come.
    Imperial was among four Nebraska communities selected by NCF staff to take part in the pilot program which will eventually be shared with communities across the state.
    McCook, Plattsmouth and Nebraska City are among other communities each taking part in their own three-session series. Jana Jensen of Bingham represented NCF at the session.
    Shared stories made it evident that people from the Imperial area can accomplish about anything they set out to do once they believe in it, making it the thriving community that it is today.
    Those attending shared ideas of visions for Imperial's future.
    Getting the most votes from the group were the areas of continuing to draw young people as well as retirees to the area, being an economic development leader in the area of technology thereby enabling people to live in or around Imperial while working in the global economy, continuing to strive for excellence and growth in health care services, establishing another industry and improving adequate housing in order to handle the population growth.
    Other visions included tourism development, a nature trail and bike path from Champion to Imperial to Enders Lake (and a possible horse path), more restrooms at the parks, more park equipment, follow-through on drainage and electrical system improvement, fill in the empty block on main street where the old school was torn down, supplement school curriculum, establish wind turbine field for electrical supply and to continue to maintain the values of friendliness, hard work ethic, spiritual grounding and quality education.
    Committees were formed for homework assignments in creating a draft vision statement, mission statement and values statement to be fine tuned by the group at the next session in March.

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