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Holiday shopping at home may have aided December’s sales tax proceeds PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

    December, 2008, rang in with the third highest city sales tax proceeds since residents voted to add a one percent tax in Imperial beginning April, 2007.
    The city’s sales tax receipts for December totaled $35,016.90. That’s the third highest in 21 months of collections. June and July, 2008, remain the highest months so far.
    One city official believes the Christmas season most likely had a positive effect on the increase
    “I hope it means more people shopped at home,” for Christmas, said City Clerk/Administrator Jo Leyland.
    Compared to December of 2007, December, 2008, was up by nearly $8,000 in city sales tax revenue. Whether it was additional shopping here for Christmas or the purchase of other taxable items, more sales were recorded in Imperial that month.
    The city has taken in a total of $619,212.90 since the city tax started.
    Leyland said, as of Monday, Feb. 23, the city sales tax fund has a balance of $377,868.47, so the majority of the money collected so far, more than half, has not been spent.
    The city made its second payment on the swimming pool bond in December (the first was an interest-only payment made in June). December’s payment was $70,428.75. All of the city’s swimming pool bond payments are being made from the sales tax money.
    Of December’s $35,000-plus in revenue, $3,618.78 came in from motor vehicles sales taxes. That money, by law, must be transferred to the city’s street department.
    The rest is then split 50/50 between economic development efforts and community projects.

 Monthly city sales
tax proceeds

April, 2007    $20,199.40
May, 2007    23,956.01
June, 2007    28,766.35
July, 2007    27,100.34
August, 2007    28,885.17
September, 2007    26,237.63
October, 2007    27,883.12
November, 2007    22,397.37
December, 2007    27,298.21
January, 2008    34,906.03
February, 2008    26,144.16
March, 2008    28,637.64
April, 2008    34,977.58
May, 2008    30,634.26
June, 2008    36,651.61
July, 2008    38,195.20
August, 2008    32,126.00
September, 2008    30,490.55
October, 2008    32,342.49
November, 2008    26,366.88
December, 2008    35,016.90
    Total    $619,212.90