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Some drivers not abiding by rules on stopped school busses PDF Print E-mail
By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

    With the recent addition of a morning bus pickup service in town for students at Chase County Schools, it’s become noticeable that some drivers aren’t abiding by rules on stopped school busses.
    Ken Robinson, the school’s bus mechanic, said some drivers aren’t following the rules spelled out in the Nebraska driver’s manual.
    When a school bus is stopped to pick up or let off children, vehicles approaching that bus from the front or rear must stop. The only exception occurs when the bus is stopped on a roadway divided by a median.
    The rule is there for the safety of the children, Robinson said. He believes some drivers may not be paying attention to stopped busses.
    “When the bus stop sign is out and flashing, it means stop,” Robinson reminds drivers.
    It’s not lawful to drive around the bus slowly, or back up and drive the opposite direction.
    The school provides both a morning and afternoon bus service for in-town students now. He encourages drivers to be aware of stopped school busses and abide by the law.
    Here are the regulations directly from the Nebraska driver’s manual:
    —When a school bus is about to stop and load or unload children, the bus driver activates amber warning lights.
    —When meeting or overtaking a bus, slow to 25 mph and prepare to stop.
    —The amber warning lights will stay on until the bus door opens.
    — When the bus driver opens the door, the red stop lights and stop arm activate.
    —Stop and remain stopped until the bus driver retracts the stop arm and deactivates the red warning lights.
    —Stop a reasonable distance from the bus.
    —Not stopping when approaching or overtaking a school bus which has stop lights on and the stop arm extended is unlawful. The only exception occurs when approaching a school bus in the opposite direction on a roadway divided by a median.

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