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Chase County gains insurance dividend PDF Print E-mail

    Chase County has received a monetary dividend of $3,604 from the Nebraska Intergovernmental Risk Management Association (NIRMA), the county’s property, liability and workers’ compensation coverage provider.
    The dividend was part of a nearly $1.5 million financial return distributed among 76 Nebraska counties during a NIRMA conference Feb. 11 in Kearney.
    With this dividend, Chase County has now received a total of $15,992 in financial returns since becoming a member of NIRMA in 1997. NIRMA issues financial dividends from funds not needed for the payment of claims and general operating expenses.
    This marks the 19th time since 1991 that NIRMA has been able to return funds, now totaling nearly $11.5 million, to member Nebraska counties and their property taxpayers.
    “Instead of retaining as profit those funds that remain, NIRMA’s long-standing policy has been to return them to our stakeholders, which are solely our member counties and the taxpayers who support local government,” said NIRMA Executive Director Craig Nelson.
    NIRMA was created by 32 counties in 1988 as the state’s first governmental risk management and self-insurance program. Today it serves 78 counties and five county-related public agencies.