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If you want special valentine, Imperial has it PDF Print E-mail

By Carolyn Lee
The Imperial Republican

    Candy is dandy, wine is fine, and flowers are...hours of beauty. But, if you’re looking for a unique present for your special Valentine on Feb. 14, Imperial businesses are the place to browse.
    A few businesses were randomly chosen for unusual ideas.
    To get the ball rolling, Alco carries a number of dice and card games for Valentine’s Day. Roll the dice, learn what your “trigger” word is, and then when you hear it on the television, kiss your partner. Alco also has boxer shorts and pillows with hearts on them.
    DeWalt power tools at Adams Lumber aren’t just for the shop. Many tools can be used in the kitchen, too. Knock some of those items off the “honey do” list.
    Did you know that you can now get acrylic toenails from Bella Salon? Pick a French nail or a color. They last up to six weeks and will look good as sandal weather approaches.
    Capitol Liquor can supply a vodka liquor, “X-Rated Liquor,” for that after-dinner sip on Feb. 14.
    Added Touch Flowers and Gifts has a carnivorous plant called a Pitcher Plant, which is shaped like a pitcher and actually eats bugs. Tropical plants include Anthurium, orchids, Fireworks and Bromelaid.
    The floral shop also sells singing balloons, or you can record your own message in a balloon.
    Want to warm her up or keep her hot on Valentine’s Day? Carman’s Appliance suggests a new Maytag furnace.
    On the other hand, want to keep his favorite vehicle clean? CarQuest has floor mats and seat covers for cars and pickups, as well as a wide supply of CarQuest hand tools.
    Artistic Woodworking doesn’t just supply businesses around the world with large orders for wood. It also sells knitting needles and looms, and has decorative picture frames available.
    Dan Russell at Imperial Country Ford has a Valentine on a large scale. Now on the lot is a 2006 red Ford Mustang waiting for a special new owner.
    If you love your pet, Dollar General can provide pet food and supplies. But the best idea are dog clothes such as fur sweaters for that special pooch.
    These boots are made for walking at Drover’s Ranch Supply. It carries Muck boots, which are worn without shoes and keep your feet warm, toasty and dry.