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Three school administrators offered 2009-2010 contracts PDF Print E-mail

Salaries upped between

3.5 and 4.2 percent

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

    Chase County’s three school administrators have been offered contracts for the 2009-2010 school year with salary increases between 3.5 and 4.2 percent.
    Action came at Tuesday night’s school board meeting.
    Supt. Matt Fisher will receive a $4,000 increase in his salary from $94,000 annually to $98,000. That amounts to a 4.2 percent raise.
    Principals Nathan Vitosh (K-6) and Mike Sorensen (7-12) each received increases of $2,500 in their 2009-2010 salaries.
    Vitosh, who is completing his first year as elementary principal, will earn $70,000 next year. That is an increase of 3.7 percent over this year’s $67,500 salary.
    Sorensen, who is completing his third year as a principal at Chase County Schools, will see a 3.5 percent increase in his salary from $70,000 to $72,500.
    In his first two years here, Sorensen was grade 9-12 principal, but he moved to the grade 7-12 principal’s position this school year when Vitosh was hired for K-6.
    Action on the administrator salaries came after the board met in closed session for over three hours.
    Beyond the salaries, all three administrators receive additional benefits amounting to $13,478, largely for health insurance coverage.
    In a comparison of other administrator pay within the Educational Service Unit #15, Chase County’s 2008-09 principal pay is third from the top of nine schools. The median principal salary in the ESU is $66,500.
    In a comparison with the schools Chase County competes with in athletics, it’s 15th among 19 schools. Median salary in that group of principals is $75,649.50.
    In comparing superintendent salaries with other ESU schools, Chase County’s salary is sixth among the nine schools, which have a median salary of $94,825.
    Looking at superintendent pay in the schools Chase County competes with in athletics, Fisher’s 2008-09 salary ranked 16th among 19 schools, which had a median salary of $104,157.
    On benefits for administrators, Chase County’s is about in the middle of ESU schools and in the lower half among the schools CCS competes against in athletics.
Two resignations approved
    The board accepted resignations from bus mechanic Ken Robinson and cheerleader sponsor Michelle Mroczek.
    Robinson plans to retire after his contract is up Aug. 31 of this year. The school will advertise for a replacement. Supt. Fisher said he’s already had some interest in the position.
    Mroczek’s resignation was approved on condition a suitable replacement is found. She will continue as an elementary teacher.
    Fisher said he’s had one person express interest in the position, but will advertise its opening among all staff members.
    Some board members suggested a job description be written up that clearly identifies the sponsor’s responsibilities.  Supt. Fisher agreed, saying some of the job duties have been added over the years as different people took the position.
    The cheerleading sponsor position is among those in negotiated contracts with the teachers. This year’s pay was $2,600.
    The balance of Tuesday’s meeting will be in stories next week.