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Longtime boxholders at Post Office asked to update records PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

About 200 boxholders at the Imperial Post Office received a form in their mailboxes recently for updating their current information.
Imperial Postmaster Jerry Lines said customers who received the form are those who’ve held the same box for 10 to 15 years or longer.
“We periodically have to update. It’s a nationwide thing going on,” Lines said.
The PS Form 1093 is the same form anyone today would receive when applying for a post office box for the first time. He said it’s likely many longtime boxholders here didn’t have to fill anything out when first being assigned a post office box.
Lines said some of the information they have on record may not be up-to-date for some of the boxholders, and they want to make sure the boxholder’s physical address matches up with their ID.
In addition to filling out the form, two pieces of ID will be required when returning the form, and one must be a photo ID, Lines said.
Acceptable forms of photo IDs include a valid driver’s license or state non-driver’s ID card; armed forces, government, university or recognized corporate ID; and passports, alien registration cards or certificates of naturalization.
The second piece of ID without the photo can include a current lease, mortgage or deed of trust; voter or vehicle registration card; and home or vehicle insurance policies.
While Lines and his staff are acquainted with most of his customers, he said Imperial postal workers have to physically see both pieces of ID because the information has to be inputted into their system.
Lines said only one of the persons receiving mail regularly at the post office box has to come in with the two pieces of ID.
He said he hasn’t had a lot of questions from boxholders, and about half of the forms have been returned.
Lines is asking customers to return the forms by the end of October.