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Appointed boards, commissions and committees for the City of Imperial PDF Print E-mail

    The following is a list of all appointed boards, commissions and committees for the City of Imperial.
    The appointments are made by Mayor Annie Longan. All of the people with terms that expired in 2008, with one exception, accepted reappointment to the respective boards.
    The only new appointment occurred on the library board. Cindy Roesener was appointed, replacing Nick Colton.
    The list below includes the board, commission or committee name, length of term if applicable, the city council liaison and members and the term expiration.

Library Board, 4-year term
Sue Moore, Council Liaison
Janet Sheaffer     2009
Julie Gockley    2009
Rick Moses    2011
Cindy Roesener      2012
Don Newman       2012

Park & Tree Commissioners, 3-year term
Doug Gaswick, Council Liaison
Kerry Swanson    Youth Member
Dianne Way     2009
Greg Dickey    2009
Emily Vogt       2010
Willy O’Neil    2010  
Elizabeth Haarberg        2011
Carrie Terryberry    2011
Miles Colson    2011

Cemetery Board, 3-year term
Sue Moore, Council Liaison
Monna Milner      2009
Lowell Nesbitt    2009
Evelyn Mitchell       2010
Faye Thoendel        2010
Sue Smith     2011
Linda Lakey        2011

Planning Commission, 3-year term
Chad Yaw, Council Liaison
Doug Carman      2009
Larry Radcliffe    2009
Chad Fisher    2009
Duane Fowler        2010
John Arterburn    2010
Greg Koellner    2010
Jack Wilson        2011
Nick Schultz     2011
Don Kelley      2011

Variance Board, 3-year term
Chad Yaw, Council Liaison
Duane Fowler    Repr. Planning Comm.
Ty Vetter    2009
Douglas Mitchell    2010
Jan Elliott    2010
Jim Hanes     2011
Larry Larson-Alternate    2009

Sr. Services Care Committee, 3-year term
Sue Moore, Council Liaison
Angie Paisley    2009
Kathy Loring      2010
Lee Moreland      2011

Imperial Housing Authority, 5-year term
Dustin Weiss, Council Liaison
Leslie Carlholm        2009
Laura Gaschler      2010
Amanda Vlasin    2011
Jeff Leyland    2012
Elna Rae West    2013

Community Center Commission, 4-year term
Doug Gaswick, Council Liaison
Morgan Strand    Youth Member
Paula Leibbrandt    Youth Member
Sherri Wheeler     2009
Cyndi Weiss    2009
Nancy Terryberry    2010
Jill Moline    2011
Judy Gaswick        2011

Southwest Nebraska Solid Waste Agency, 2-year term
Bob Hartman    5/01/10    Joint City/County representative
Dustin Weiss      5/01/10     City Council representative
Francis Baker       5/01/09    Chase County representative
Don Weiss Jr.       5/01/09    County Commissioner representative
Lynn Brunkhorst    5/01/09    Village of Wauneta representative
John Miller        5/01/09    City of Imperial representative

Imperial Community Redevelopment Authority (Tax incremental financing)
Alex McNair
Jo Leyland, Treasurer
Russ Pankonin, Chairman
Mary Deyle
Jim Pirog

LB 840 Program Administrator
Leslie Carlholm

LB 840 Citizens Advisory Committee
Judy Gaswick    2009
Russ Pankonin    2010
Kelly Hammerlun    2011
Greg Owens    2011
Johna Jablonski    2012

LB 840 Loan Review Committee
Miles Colson
Lending/Financial Expert
Greg Owens
Citizen’s Advisory Committee Member
Leslie Carlholm    Program Administrator

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