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Eight teams compete in first annual jigsaw puzzle tourney PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

There were a lot of puzzle pieces to be put together Saturday in the first annual Jigsaw Puzzle Tournament at the Lied Imperial Public Library.
Library Director Beth Falla reports there were eight teams entered in three divisions—individual adult, inter-generational and adult team.
Each of the divisions had a different puzzle to put together, but everyone in the same division had the same puzzle.
Winners were determined on who put together the puzzle fastest in the allotted time. If they didn’t get them completed, the team with the fewest pieces left won.
Falla said the individual adult and the inter-generational teams, who worked with 300-piece puzzles, successfully completed their puzzles in the allotted three hours.
None of the adult teams, which were challenged with 750-piece puzzles, were able to finish.

The library staff is already making plans for the 2012 tournament, Falla said.
“This year proved to be a great starting point. A few changes will be made to improve next year’s event,” she said.
People can log onto the library web site for pictures from this year’s tournament at:
Here are how the teams/individuals placed in the tournament:
Adult Individual—“Animal Crackers” 300 piece puzzle
1st Place (1 hour & 17 min.)—Team name: Skunkmom; Members: Mary Sparks.
2nd Place (1 hour & 20 min.)—Team name: Joan; Members: Joan Wenzlick.
“Bins” 300 piece puzzle

1st Place (1 hour & 23 min.)—Team name: Denominator; Members: Cindy and Scot German.
2nd Place (2 hours & 50 min.)—Team name: Brownie; Members: Rodney and DiAnne Brown.
Adult Team—“Noah’s Ark”
750 piece puzzle

1st Place (215 pieces remaining)—Team name: Methodist Puzzlers; Members: Bruce and Joan Lantry, Marcia Bauerle and Nancy Markley.
2nd Place (298 pieces remaining)— Team name: Puzzled; Members: Sagan, Elisha and Melanie Carman.
3rd Place (334 pieces remaining)— Team name: Rhonda & Company; Members: Rhonda and Kristine Smith, Laura Lou Kelly and Marcia Rider.
4th Place (345 pieces remaining)— Team name: The Puzzled F-Troop; Members: Joyce, Lynn, Mary and Jerel Fortkamp.


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