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November, December close out another year of city sales tax PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

November and December of 2010 had average performance  from Imperial sales tax income.
However, while they weren’t stellar amounts, the over $60,000 brought in the last two months of 2010 is still significant.
Possibly a result of some of the effects of a much-discussed recession, December returned its lowest amount, $31,062.24 for that busy holiday month since 2007, the year Imperial’s one percent city sales tax started.
November, 2010, which collected $29,601.65 was also lower than the year before, but better than 2007 and 2008.
In all, since the city tax started in April, 2007, over $1.376 million gross has been taken in from the local sales tax.
Another effect of a little lower take for the Christmas season months may be the amount of online shopping that continues to grow.
City Clerk/Administrator Jo Leyland said it’s likely most online purchases do not have the city sales tax figured into the charges, although they are supposed to. While the addition of the city sales tax to the purchase total may be the responsibility of the company selling the product, it would be difficult to separate out all of the local sales tax for purchases in numerous cities across the country that have a local tax, she noted.
“I’m guessing the majority of online purchases do not include the city sales tax,” she said.
As in other months, the dollar figures listed for both November and December list how much of the total came from the extra one percent sales tax on motor vehicle purchases.
For November, it was $2,031.85, and December’s total was $2,778.02.
By law, the motor vehicle sales tax dollars must be placed in the city’s street department.
The remainder then is divided 50/50 between economic development projects and community development projects after approval by the city council.
The Citizens Advisory Committee makes recommendation on funding for economic development projects, while the council has sole discretion on approving the community development sales tax spending.
With the state’s 5.5 percent sales tax rate, qualified purchases in the Imperial city limits are charged 6.5 percent when the city sales tax is added.

Monthly city sales
tax proceeds

Receipt     Total
Month     Receipts    
April-07    $20,199.40
May-07    23,956.01
June-07    28,766.35
July-07    27,100.34
August-07    28,885.17
September-07    26,237.63
October-07    27,883.12
November-07    22,397.37
December-07    27,298.21
January-08    39,567.13
February-08    26,144.16
March-08    28,637.64
April-08    34,977.58
May-08    30,634.26
June-08    36,651.61
July-08    38,195.20
August-08    32,126.00
September-08    30,490.55
October-08    32,342.49
November-08    26,366.88
December-08    35,016.90
January-09    29,044.90
February-09    25,195.74
March-09    33,342.07
April-09    33,592.04
May-09    30,683.84
June-09    32,328.75
July-09    37,523.73
August-09    30,594.25
September-09    36,054.68
October-09    25,067.08
November-09    32,051.09
December-09    36,642.17
January-10    29,603.94
February-10    26,157.90
March-10    31,562.61
April-10    30,727.01
May-10    32,177.49
June-10    35,586.98
July-10    33,415.99
August-10    31,243.80
September-10    32,630.77
October-10    31,570.54
November-10    29,601.65
December-10    31,062.24
(gross)    ....$1,376,874.20


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