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By Carolyn Lee
The Imperial Republican

“We like reading, yes we do. We like reading, how ‘bout  you?” That was one of the cheers reverberating in the Chase County Schools Longhorn Gym last Friday, as students and teachers  held a reading pep rally.
Cheerleaders led students in grades K-6, shouting “reading power,” while the junior high band played pep rally music.
The focus of the pep rally, according to Elementary Principal Nathan Vitosh, was to celebrate how hard students and teachers have worked to become better readers.
The Accelerated Reading program, which was noted during the rally, allows students to obtain points for reading books and taking related quizzes. It is part of the Reading Mastery program CCS implemented in the elementary school one and one-half years ago.
Students in each class scoring the most points were recognized, as were those in each class reading the most books.
Angie Dickey, Reading Mastery Coordinator, said students are receiving “great reading scores.”
Vitosh added that the AIMS assessment tests, which are given three times a year, show that students are doing well.
However, test scores don’t show everything, he said.
“I’ve had comments from community members....about how much more confident students are about reading in public,” such as at church, Vitosh commented.
Vitosh said the AIMS web scores assess reading fluency and comprehension.
Although the pep rally was for all students and their achievements, those receiving recognition for outstanding achievement were:
Most points
Batterman—Kelly Christensen, 317.2 pts.
Clevenger—Josie Peterson, 345.9 pts.
Sheaffer—Kayla Schilke, 73.4 pts.
Silvester—Noah Griffin, 162 pts.
Honorable mention—Craig Wilkinson, 183.2.
Meyer—Cody Hamilton, 13.1.
Patch—Kaitlynn Richmond, 22.6.
Hamilton—Madison Schuller, 51.9.
Mroczek—Hannah Meeske, 32.3.
Pursley—Trevor Peterson, 86.1.
Bubak—Ryley Vrbas, 30.3.
Sorensen—Halle Fiedler, 43.4.
Spady—Morayah Cupp, 49.4.
Hogsett—LaReina Colton, 7.1.
Meyer—Correy Koellner, 26.9.
Odens—Morgan Peterson, 59.2.
Cupp—Madelynn Hanes, 21.5.
Krutsinger—Colby Burpo, 3.2
Thompson—Ashlyn Jones and Colin O’Neil, both 2.
Most books read with
Accelerated Reading Quiz

Batterman—Kelly Christensen, 19.
Clevenger—Josie Peterson, 20.
Sheaffer—Kayla Schilke, 11.
Silvester—Cydney Spady, 11.
Meyer—Cole Wiest, 9.
Patch—Zayetsy Gomez, 12.
Hamilton—Madison Schuller, 83.
Mroczek—Hannah Meeske, 43.
Pursley—Trevor Peterson, 36.
Bubak—Ryley Vrbas, 71.
Sorensen—Chase Rowley, 89.
Spady—Moraya Cupp, 94.
Hogsett—LaReina Colton, 16.
Meyer—Chloe Dillan, 58.
Odens—Morgan Peterson, 126.
Cupp—Madelynn Hanes, 45.
Krutsinger—Colby Burpo, 7.
Thompson—Colin O’Neil, Ashlyn Jones, McKenzie Vogt, each with 4.
Honorable mention—Ashton Robinson, 31.


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