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By Russ Pankonin, The Imperial Republican Co-Publisher
For the past nine years, the top news topic for the previous year centered on the water issues being faced in this area and throughout the Republican River Basin. The good news this year—water wasn’t the top news story of 2010.
That’s good news in the fact that efforts to address water issues over the past decade have begun to pay off. However, the Republican Basin is by no means out of the woods when it comes to water issues but substantial progress has been made and will continue to be made in the months and years ahead.
This year’s top news story also came in the form of good news—good news that commodity prices for both grain and livestock continue to rise; yields were plentiful, thanks to plentiful rain; and the area farming economy is experiencing the best three years in a generation.
This prosperity will continue to keep our area strong and healthy as our country continues to climb out of one of the deepest recessions seen since the Great Depression.
Imperial celebrated its 125th birthday this year, symbolizing the perseverance of a community with its roots solidly planted in the fertile soil of the plains.
The number two story of 2010 focuses on the infrastructure improvements made in Imperial this past year.
Large portions of East 5th and East 12th Streets, along with a portion of East 9th, received new concrete paving and storm sewer improvements that totalled more than $2 million.
Once again, that’s proof of how our community continues to exude confidence in its future by reinvesting for the needs of a future generation.
While water wasn’t the top story, it still made headlines. With the occupation tax in LB 701 being challenged in the Nebraska Supreme Court, the Nebraska Legislature passed Imperial Sen. Mark Christensen’s bill to create an occupation tax that can be used by all NRDs in the state. While this could still face a court challenge, the new bill removes constitutional issues.
The past Husker football season wasn’t exactly good news for ardent fans. If there was any game on the schedule Husker nation wanted to win, it had to be the Texas game. With the Huskers exiting the Big Texas Conference for the Big Ten, it would have been a great parting gift to have won that game.
Unfortunately, it appeared the Huskers got a few parting gifts of their own from the Big 12 in the form of shoddy officiating and maneuvering to stick Nebraska back into the same bowl they played in a year ago.
The Huskers didn’t let the Big 12 down in their attempts either, losing the bowl game to Washington, a team they beat earlier in the season by 35 points earlier in the season.
The honeymoon for Bo Pelini is officially over as he faces continued criticism over his offensive coordinator and offensive line coach. If I’m guessing right, Husker football just went into crisis mode. Let’s hope a new year and a new conference will bring good news to Husker fans next year.
After traveling to San Diego for the Holiday Bowl, I’m forever reminded of how blessed we are to live in a small, caring community where everyone watches out for everyone else. We are indeed blessed!


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