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Firearm deer season opens Nov. 13 PDF Print E-mail

Thousands of permits still are available for the November firearm deer hunting season, according to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.
The November firearm season opens this Saturday, concluding on Nov. 21.
The following November firearm permits were available as of Nov. 4: Buffalo Whitetail, 510; Calamus East, 606; Calamus West, 960; Frenchman Whitetail, 1,202; Keya Paha, 1,246; Loup West, 543; Pine Ridge, 1,346; Plains, 672; Platte Whitetail, 958; Sandhills, 991; Upper Platte, 592; and Wahoo, 128.
The Frenchman firearm unit sold out in June.
Game and Parks has the following reminders for November firearm permit holders:
• Deer must be checked at manual check stations, not via Telecheck.  One of those sites is Laker’s in Enders.
• Hunter orange is required of all hunters, regardless of the type of equipment used.
• Permission is required to hunt on private land.
• A November firearm permit holder may use archery equipment.
• Unless permission is granted, it is unlawful to hunt with a rifle within 200 yards ˆ 100 yards for all other equipment ˆ of an inhabited dwelling or livestock feedlot.
• Watch out for turkey hunters. Fall hunting is legal during the November firearm deer season, and those turkey hunters are required to wear hunter orange.
• The Antlerless Deer Hunter Program provides landowners a resource for finding antlerless deer hunters for their property. The Deer Exchange Program provides a way for those who do not hunt to receive deer meat. Visit to learn more.
• The Open Fields and Waters Program opens thousands of acres of private land to public walk-in hunting access. Check the 2010 Public Access Atlas for tracts in each county.
• Call Nebraska Wildlife Crimestoppers toll-free at (800) 742-7627 to report game law violations.
Thousands of Season Choice Area antlerless deer permits also remain, most with bonus tags.


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