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Author promotes books, discusses writing process PDF Print E-mail

By Carolyn Lee
The Imperial Republican

Becoming an author is a work in progress. That seemed to be Nick Pirog’s message to about 20 people attending his book signing last week.
Pirog, the nephew of Linda and Jim Pirog of Imperial, was in town to promote his new book, Gray Matter. “I had 200 pages written three times and scrapped all but the intro,” he laughed.
Gray Matter is Pirog’s second self-published book. The first was Unforeseen, which he wrote at age 22. “I can see the 22-year-old in some spots,” he said of his earlier effort.
Pirog, now 29, has a third book completed, and has outlined a fourth book.
The books are a series in the serial killer genre, with protagonist Thomas Prescott, a retired cop and private investigator.
Pirog, who lives in Boulder, Colo., always liked the first person protagonist as narrator, and read a lot of mystery thrillers when younger. He’s read a book about every three days since he was 12 years old, in a childhood he describes as “sort of solitary.”
His writing is solitary, also. He doesn’t attend writers’ conferences, and works by himself, with the help of family members, to develop his style.
He told his audience Oct. 26 that for every hour he spends writing, he spends an hour of thinking and plotting.
“I think writing is a gift,” he stated, “that God gave me. I will not waste it.”
The 2003 Colorado State University graduate owns Sidewalk Press, his publishing company. He also publishes a book, chapter by chapter, on his website. “Afterlife” is updated once a week on


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