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Author of ‘Gray Matter’ to visit here in Imperial PDF Print E-mail

By Carolyn Lee
The Imperial Republican

This book could not be put down. Through Saturday chores, an overnight houseguest and Sunday commitments, “Gray Matter” took over weekend plans.
Written by Nick Pirog, the nephew of Linda and Jim Pirog of Imperial, “Gray Matter” is the second book in a series featuring Thomas  Prescott, a retired cop and former private investigator.
The first book, “Unforeseen,” chronicals Prescott’s earlier life and near death.
The second concerns his return to Seattle and the discovery of the body of the Governor of Washington.
Despite good intentions, or in spite of them, Prescott inserts himself in the investigation of the murder.
The author’s wry sense of humor lets the reader chuckle while the reality of murder unfolds.
While talking to a nanny, Prescott says “in my best Spanish, ‘I’m-o not-o with-o immigration-o.’”
Threaded throughout is a second story line, one that impacts Prescott on a more personal level.
He makes friends with a guy in a nursing home facility who wants Prescott to smuggle in illegal items such as candy bars, Lotto tickets and magazines.
“I went through the same routine with the prune at the front desk, who appeared to have dehydrated even more, if possible. Her jowls now had jowls. Just saying.”
The murder mystery gets better and better as the pages turn. The end is a surprise.
Pirog, 29, will discuss his work and sign books at the Lied Imperial Public Library Oct. 26 at 7 p.m.
The Boulder, Colo. resident has a degree in business, and is now financing his writing career with a job as a waiter in an upscale restaurant in Boulder.
He is currently working on his third novel in the series. In addition, he has a book on line at, entitled “Afterlife.” A new chapter is downloaded every Sunday night.
Pirog’s books may be purchased at his signing Oct. 26, or from Linda and Jim Pirog at The Balcony House Bed and Breakfast after Oct. 24. “Gray Matter” costs $15 and “Unfor­seen” costs $10.


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