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Persistence, faith prevail in search for lost wedding ring PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Schultz
The Imperial Republican

Who would have thought a lost wedding ring in Enders Lake would be found six days later?
It seemed like a long shot, but with some persistence, faith and a lot of prayers Derek and Amber Russell of Imperial did just that last week.
“I’m still pretty emotional about it,” Amber said this week.
Amber, Derek and their two children joined other members of the Russell family at the lake for a weekend of camping July 23-25.
After just a couple of hours in the water on a jet ski and playing some volleyball, Amber noticed the ring on her left hand finger was gone.
As one who never takes her ring off, it was noticeable right away something was missing, she said.
It didn’t take her long to start crying.
“I was pretty upset,” she said.
The rest of the family started looking for the ring, but she said she just went into the camper and continued to cry. They looked for a solid hour, then Amber decided to join in the search.
But to no avail. It was getting dark, so they quit looking.
The next day, Saturday, the family acquired a couple of metal detectors from friends, and continued to look. Nothing again. The searching resumed on Sunday, until about noon when the Russells packed up and went home, without the ring.
“I just thought, ‘it’s gone,’” she said.
It was doubly heart-breaking when she also found out they didn’t have it listed as a rider on their insurance policy, so it wasn’t covered.
Resigned to the fact that it was lost for good, Amber went to Fine Things Jewelry and Gifts in Imperial to start looking for a replacement.
She found something she liked, and asked Derek when they should get it ordered.
But, “he suggested we look one more time,” she said.
So, the couple packed up their two young children last Thursday and headed back to the lake with one of the metal detectors in tow.
Another hour of searching commenced, and they were just about ready to go home, when Derek got a “beep” on the detector. And there it was, about four to five feet out from the shore in knee-deep water and under the sand.
“We both screamed. It was pretty amazing,” she said.
When the family went out that last time to search, Derek said he believed there probably wasn’t a great chance of finding the ring.
“But, I wasn’t really at peace with my searching efforts” up to that point, he said.
The couple said they prayed all week that they would find it, and asked God that day to lead them to it if that was His will.
“It was almost like he really was led to it,” Amber said.
The Russells also credited the prayers and support from the rest of their family, which included special prayers to St. Anthony, the patron saint of lost and stolen items.


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